11 Wonder Herbs That Aid Hair Growth

11 Wonder Herbs That Aid Hair Growth

Is healthy, thick and long hair what you truly desire? Have you tried several hair care products to no avail? There are various commercial products available in the market that claim quick results. However, you can achieve this goal with natural holistic remedies that are gentle and free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. The chemical and synthetic ingredients that are used in some over-the-counter hair products can damage the hair and cause build-up, leading to hair loss. Herbs and herbal infusions have been used for centuries to treat various hair problems.


Since I believe in using and promoting natural herbal remedies and green beauty products, I decided to share a fantastic list of 11 wonder herbs that aid hair growth so that all of you can have much better options for getting the beautiful, luxurious hair that you desire! This wonderful post is written by Chetana, the founder of Style Craze which is India’s largest beauty network. All of the natural herbal remedies that are provided in this post can help encourage strong, healthy hair growth. I hope that you will try some of these herbal remedies and let me know how they worked for you. Here’s the information on all of the amazing herbs that you can incorporate into your hair growth treatment.


1. Stinging Nettle:

Stinging nettle has been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth and restore the vibrancy of the hair. Stinging nettle essential oil is used as an active ingredient in most organic shampoos and conditioners to promote hair growth. It contains chemicals that block the conversion of testosterone into DHT, the primary cause of hair loss in both men and women. The herb is available in both pill and capsule form, and works best in combination with saw palmetto. The herb is most effective for treating male and female pattern baldness.

Stinging nettle capsules can be taken three times per day. However, you can begin with 50 milligrams a day for the initial week to see if any reactions occur. If the dosage seems to be safe, it can be increased up to 250 milligrams a day.

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11 Wonder Herbs That Aid Hair Growth


 2. Amla:

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is one of the best herbs for promoting hair growth. It comes packed with several hair-friendly nutrients like calcium, iron, carotene, phosphorus and B complex vitamins. It is loaded with Vitamin C, a nutrient that promotes circulation of blood in the scalp, and accelerates hair growth. Amla berry can be taken internally and works best when mixed in green smoothies or fresh juices. Eat amla berry in fresh and dry forms for maximum benefits.

Amla powder can be made into a paste by adding water and applying on the scalp. Leave on for about 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Also, dry amla can be powdered, mixed with water and 2 tsp of lime juice to form a paste. This paste can be applied to the scalp.

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3. Shikakai:

Acacai concinna, commonly known as shikakai, is a shrub native to India. The shikakai herb is derived from the leaves, pod and bark of the plant. The herb contains nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E, C, and K, which provide the hair follicles with necessary micronutrients required for healthy hair growth. Shikakai also eliminates dandruff from the scalp, nourishing the hair.

Make a paste of 1-2 tbsp of Shikakai powder with enough water. Keep on adding warm water until the mixture turns watery. Let it stand for an hour and stir the mixture in between. Strain it using a cheesecloth and store in a squeeze bottle. While using for hair, apply the tea along the lengths or your hair and cover the scalp. Leave on for some time and then rinse off the hair.

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4. Reetha:

Reetha, the Hindi name for soapnut, is a member of the Sapindaceae family. Reetha is gentle and economical. It is an excellent natural alternative to chemical-based hair shampoos. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of reetha clear the build up that often stunts hair growth. It cures scalp infections and prevents them from recurring.

Deseed 15-16 soap nuts/Reetha and crush them. Take 6 cups of water and soak the crushed Reetha overnight. This mixture can also be boiled for 10-15 minutes. The next morning strain the mixture to remove the soap nuts. If required, Shikakai and dried amla powders can be added. You can now readily use it as a hair shampoo.

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Methi-11 wonder herbs that aid hair growth

5. Methi:

Methi, also known as fenugreek, is widely used in many natural hair growth treatments. It does wonders for thinning hair and alopecia. Boil methi seeds and use the water to rinse the hair. It also protects the scalp from fungal infections.

Soak 2 tbsp of methi seeds in water overnight. Prepare a fine paste the next morning. Apply coconut oil followed by the paste to the scalp. Leave for an hour and then rinse off the hair thoroughly. Another alternative is to mix the powder with coconut milk and apply.

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Brahmi-11 wonder herbs that aid hair growth



6. Brahmi:

Brahmi  also known as Bacopa is a traditional herb to get thick and shiny hair. Brahmi powder is used to make nourishing hair packs and for other medicinal purposes as well. It is often mixed with oil to prevent hair loss and get thick and healthy hair. It increases the level of serotonin, a brain chemical that promotes relaxation. It invigorates the mental processes while reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety. This further helps to combat hair loss due to stress. Regular application of brahmi powder can help reduce split ends drastically.

Take 5-10 tsp of brahmi powder, 3 tsp of amla powder and 1 cup natural henna powder. Add water to make a fine paste and leave aside. Before applying this hair pack, apply some oil to the hair. After the pack is applied, leave for about 30 min and rinse off the hair. You can use this hair pack once in a week.

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7. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera contains enzymes that promote healthy hair growth. These enzymes eradicate the dead skin cells that clog the hair follicles, preventing the proper penetration of nutrients into the hair. The keratolic action of Aloe Vera breaks down the sebum and dead scalp cells, promoting further hair growth. The alkalizing properties of Aloe Vera bring the scalp’s pH to a desirable level, resulting in hair growth.

Take half a cup of fresh aloe vera gel. Mix it with 2 tsp of castor oil, 2 tsp of fenugreek powder and 1 tsp of basil powder. Prepare a fine paste of the mixture using water and then apply to the scalp. Cover the scalp and leave it for the whole night. Rinse off the hair the following morning with water followed by a gentle shampoo.

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8. Rosemary:

This pleasant-smelling herb has been used for centuries to prevent baldness and encourage new hair growth. Rosemary contains anti-bacterial agents that soothe scalp infection. Rosemary oil stimulates cell division and dilates the blood vessels, stimulating the follicles to produce more hair. In addition, rosemary also promotes pigmentation of the hair, preventing premature greying. Add rosemary oil to your shampoo and conditioner or create your own tonic. Apply rosemary infused oil on the scalp for maximum benefits.

Prepare an oil mixture using 2 tbsp fresh rosemary and 1 ounce jojoba oil. Apply some mixture to the hair and massage thoroughly. Leave on for a while and then wash off the hair. You can also use rosemary essential oil to replace the fresh rosemary for a more potent version. Essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than the fresh herb.  Use 3-5 drops of rosemary essential oil mixed with 20 drops of jojoba oil. Massage into your scalp every night.

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Contact me at aharmonyhealing@gmail.com if you want to find out which rosemary essential oil that I use and how to purchase it.


9. Burdock:

Burdock root oil, also known as bur oil, is one of the most potent herbs for promoting hair growth. The herb extract is used in many hair restoration treatments. It contains essential fatty acids and phytosterol that are used to reverse hair thinning.

Take 1 cup of olive oil in a bowl with half a cup of burdock root in it. Leave the bowl in a boiling water bath and let it steep for half an hour. Afterwards, set aside the mixture for one day and later strain using cheesecloth. Store the strained oil in a glass bottle. Apply the oil thoroughly and cover the scalp. Rinse off the hair after 2 hours.

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10. Bhringraj:

Bhringraj is often used to treat hair loss and premature greying. Topical application of this herb strengthens the hair shafts, stimulating the roots of the hair. Its oil restores the natural texture and color of the hair.

Mix bhringraj and amla powder in 2:1 ratio using lukewarm water. Prepare a fine paste and use it as a hair pack. Apply to the scalp and leave for about half an hour. Later rinse off the hair thoroughly.

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11. Horsetail:

Horsetail can also help you obtain thick and long hair. It contains high levels of silica, a mineral that is known to boost the hair growth process. Add horsetail herb to your shampoo and wash your hair with it twice a week for effective results. You can take horsetail with tea or in the form of capsules. Add 2 tbsp of horsetail powder to hot water and let it steep for some time. This mixture can be added to your regular shampoo and can be used to wash your hair.

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The best feature about using these herbs for hair growth is that they are completely natural and less likely to cause any harmful side effects. Do not consume these herbs in large amounts as they can potentially cause damage to the organs. Also, consulting a physician before taking any herb is always advisable.


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Have you tried any of these herbs for healthy hair growth yet? Please contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment.


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Chetana bio pictureChetana is an amateur makeup artist from India and Founder of StyleCraze.com – India’s largest beauty network. Chetana loves all things that involve makeup & beauty especially the colors and the process involved.
















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  1. These are very interesting remedies. Most of them are pretty simple, but I’m wondering how you might suggest we go about obtaining some of the more exotic ones.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted..Email Subject LinesMy Profile

  2. I certainly don’t need to fix my thickness… but I could sure some help in the premature greying department… Nice to know there are natural products to help in this area, there is may too much chemical stuff out there trying to promote what you suggest here. How long might it take to notice some change in colour with the Bhringraj ?
    Holly recently posted..Why Workout?My Profile

  3. Hi Shelley,
    I love the way you have given such an in depth description of each herb.

    One thing I have found is my hair is a lot healthier and shiner since I have used non chemical shampoo for years and I still have my natural ash blond hair color with 60.

    Hopefully you awesome information will inspire more people into using natural products.

    Thank you for spreading the awareness!
    Love and Light
    Yorinda Wanner recently posted..Super Better introduction to the Game for getting betterMy Profile

  4. I’m all in favor of holistic natural remedies, Shelley, and like the way you present these in such detail. I’m fortunate not to suffer from hair loss, but am well aware of the damage that many commercial products can cause.

    Thanks for an informative post

    Alan Jenkin recently posted..Do You make Lists? (And Then Lose Them!)My Profile

  5. This is my first visit to your blog. I like the way it is set out, so easy to read.

    The information is very detailed and informative. My thought is..with so many natural hair loss remedies why don’t people use them instead of all the commercial and chemical potions on the market?


    • Welcome to my holistic community Martin! Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog! I think many people just don’t know about the herbal remedies that are available because they are not advertised like some of the commercial and chemical filled products out there. That is why I wanted to share this information with my blog readers.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..11 Wonder Herbs That Aid Hair GrowthMy Profile

  6. Hello Shelley! I do have very thin hair and have used these so called products that were supposed to help but have never found anything that works. I have never thought about herbs to help. Now I have 10 of them to look for.

    I did write them all down and the next time I go to the health store I will bring my list along with me. The gal who owns he shop is really good about finding me items if she doesn’t have them stocked.

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..The Benefits Of What’s In It For Me!My Profile

  7. Yikes, so much to learn about in the herbal world. Thanks for the nice outline on all these remedies. I have a lot of learning to do in this department!
    Dawn Golden recently posted..Wireless Logitech H800 HeadsetMy Profile

  8. Wow Shelley, I’ve only ever heard of 2 of these herbs! Rosemary is an easy one of course, and Aloe Vera grows all over the place where I live in the Islands, in fact I have a huge plant in my yard. We just love that stuff because it can be used for so many things, but growing hair is a new one to me. Considering the size of our tiny health food store I’m going to assume the best place for me to learn more about the rest of these is online. Thanks!
    marquita herald recently posted..It’s Time We Redefine Our View of Late BloomersMy Profile

  9. This is an awesome post you have put together. I have a receding hairline (hereditary) and hoping it doesnt get to far back :/ I will for sure utilize some of these herbs to hopefully encourage hair to grow more so i can cover up. Although i have nothing to hide but i do want to enjoy hair while i have it =D I didnt know rosemary had such great benefits!
    Kyle Nelson recently posted..A Strong Future For Infographic MarketingMy Profile

  10. Justin Stanford says:

    This is a great post! I found a lot of these can actually be found around my home. What do you recommend doing if I was able to gather these plants fresh?

  11. I am going to pass the post on to a few relatives who were recently wondering how to improve their hair, although I don’t how easy they would find many of the items listed .

    We also have hereditary premature gray hair so I may check out Bhringraj availability. Thanks.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..No Muss No Fuss MarketingMy Profile

  12. Christina says:

    Hi! Great information here, however I was wondering which one you would suggest starting with to thicken hair. I saw you have a couple different ones listed but not sure which one I should start with. Thanks so much, Im new to this blog and I am loving it!!

  13. I don’t have this problem as my hair is REALLY long. However, I’ve heard of quite a few of these from some of my friends who have turned to natural resources for hair issues. Thanks for sharing this list.
    Nile recently posted..#MondayMashup – 2014 Volume 1My Profile

  14. My hair is really thick and grows quite quickly, so I don’t need this for myself. However, my daughter has been losing a ton of hair (postpartum). I’m going to pass this along to her. Like me, she prefers natural things, so this will be great.

    • Leanne, I hope this post helps your daughter with her hair loss. Thanks for sharing it with her and keep me posted on how her hair does with some of these natural remedies. Your daughter also needs to make sure she’s getting a enough of the right nutrients in her diet especially if she is breastfeeding. The hair is one of the last things that the body allocates important nutrients to since having hair is not critical for survival.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..34 Irresistible Gluten-Free SnacksMy Profile

  15. Just curious…I had very thick hair and lost it when I had chemo for breast cancer. It’s just now growing back and it’s very slow. Which one of these suggested remedies is best for someone who was a cancer patient? I haven’t had the chemo that causes the hair loss since Nov 26th but my hair doesn’t seem to want to grow and I want it back as fast as possible. I’ve been using coconut oil every night on my scalp as well. Love you blog and appreciate the information. Thanks! Jill

    • Hi Jill, All of these treatments for hair growth are based on natural ingredients but I would check with your doctor before doing any of them to be sure they are fine for you to try with your recovery from breast cancer. I would ask your doctor about trying the rosemary oil, amla berry powder and the aloe vera treatment.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..34 Irresistible Gluten-Free SnacksMy Profile

  16. Getting our hair nourished in a herbal way is truly glad to know. As we go for too much of chemicals each day.I strongly believe in the aloevera treatment so well. It will make us get rid of dandruff too.And it will give our hair a shiny look too 🙂 . Though we don’t have time for using all these herbal treatments a tleast choosing herbal shampoos and herbal hair oils is a better option 🙂

  17. Sanjay Sajeev

    Hi,Shelley. Herbs and their explanation about their benefits are fantastic. People should have to follow these herbs instead of commercial products which have adverse side effect. Does it take long to get benefits from herbs?
    Sanjay Sajeev recently posted..Never Give Up In LifeMy Profile

  18. most of these are easily and cheaply available in India. Hair care is cheap and effective here, we should feel blessed.
    Arihant Surana recently posted..Healthy Diet Plan to Stop Alopecia – Arihant SuranaMy Profile

  19. Leigh-Ann

    Hi! Thanks for an interesting and very informative post. I am starting to freak out as I feel like I’m going bald in the front of my head! I used to have thick hair and had several surgeries in the past and am wondering if this contributed to my hair thinning. I was also very thin at one stage and still have very low estrogen levels. What would you say is the best solution to try?

    • Leigh-Ann I’m glad you liked the post! Your surgeries and low estrogen levels may have contributed to your hair loss. I can help you with recommendations for natural solutions to help you with your health concerns. Please feel free to email me for a free 20 minute phone consultation at aharmonyhealing@gmail.com. Include the best phone number to reach you at. On this list of products I would try the rosemary essential oil and burdock oil.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..Nectarine Superfoods SmoothieMy Profile

  20. These are really interesting. I personally have no need but I have had several ppl comment on my long hair who I know would be interested in this info and I’ll be happy to pass it on 🙂

  21. Hi,
    I’ve been struggling with hair loss on and off since I was 20. (started 15 years ago when stopping birth control pill.) I believe mine is from hormonal changes and stress probably adds to it. The only time my full hair health returned was 7 years ago, about 1 year after having my son and it continued to grow strong with no shedding for 3 years!! I made a huge mistake and took an herbal supplement which alters female hormones and it started back up again!! Now for the past 5 years I have thinned to a really not good place. And lately it has been falling more excessively. Which solution would be best for my type of hair fall?

  22. The only one I’ve already tried is the aloe vera, for me it helped, i believe that a combination of herbs mentioned above could accelerate even more the process…

  23. Shawn Michaels says:

    Wow! Such an amazing and informative blog. I have never heard about these herbs instead of rosemary or aloe vera. I though only rosemary plays a part in growing hair. Thanks for the knowledge you shared with us.

  24. Wow, awesome list of tips and tricks to help with hair loss! Another great way to help with hair loss is by having hair restoration surgery. A lot of people have really benefited from it. Thanks for sharing!
    Selene recently posted..Pest Control Port St. Lucie FloridaMy Profile

  25. I love the smell of Rosemery and I’ve tried castor oil and can confess that it works. This a great list that has taught me so many other plants that I had no idea could help with my hair.

  26. I’ve been using Jamaican Black castor (the version with “no salt added”) mixed with drops of organic rosemary essential oil and organic coconut oil and I apply this mixture to my hair and scalp 2/week. I use sulfate free shampoos and apply an apple cider vinegar rinse once a month. My hair has grown tremendously in the last 2 years. It was severely damaged from chemical processing. This mixture has thickened my hair tremendously and my hair is past shoulder length(which it has never been) Ayurvedic hair care is next !

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