5 Day Healing Whole Foods Detox Cleanse

5 Day Healing Whole Foods Detox Cleanse

January is a fantastic time for new beginnings. As we start each new year with brand new hopes, aspirations, and resolutions for a wonderful year, two things that should be a top priority is doing a physical detox and mental cleanse to maintain radiant good health. If you feel like your “get up and go” has “got up and gone,” you need to start fresh and give your body that boost it needs to clean out all those health-depleting toxins and bring back your glow!


For many of you, the thought of detoxing or cleansing brings terrible thoughts of deprivation, feeling hungry, weak, and lightheaded. And if you do decide to do a detox cleanse, you probably hope it ends soon so you can get back to eating what you really want. Eating foods that weren’t good for your health is what got you in trouble in the first place, right?


Well, get ready for a detox program that is filled with lots of delicious, healing whole foods that will satisfy you completely while helping your body to remove toxins, rejuvenate, and heal. This new program is replacing our 5 day healing whole foods detox cleanse program and is much more comprehensive.



Detox Collage


This brand new radiance holistic detox cleanse program will help you become your most radiant self! I’m so excited to share this detox cleanse with all of you because it does not involve water fasting, only drinking juices, deprivation, or extreme detox diets that are too hard to follow or stick with. You will be enjoying delectable whole foods recipes like the ones on my blog that are designed to fight toxins, reduce chronic inflammation, and help you lose weight effortlessly while you get clean and radiant!


Our new easy-to-follow wellness program includes over 70+ mouthwatering detox recipes, a step by step detox guide, daily suggested meals, shopping lists, my best emotional detox tips, personal care product recommendations, and some amazing bonus gifts from our fabulous partners! This program will help you get fast results and maximum benefits in a short period of time. The radiance holistic detox cleanse is now available!


Just in time for spring we are offering a special discount price of $30.00 off our radiance holistic detox cleanse program to help you renew and reset after the winter months! Click here to check it out!


Do any of the following questions describe how you feel on a daily basis?


  • Do you have issues with bloating, gas, burping, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive disorders?
  • Do you always feel rundown or tired no matter how much caffeine, soda, or energy drinks you consume?
  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or suffer with restless sleep?
  • Are you constantly stressed out, depressed, anxious, or have mood swings?
  • Do you crave sugar, refined carbohydrates, junk food, or stimulants?
  • Do you always feel hungry no matter how much you eat?
  • Would you like to find a natural way to feel good and increase longevity while enjoying delicious, satisfying, healing foods?


If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then you need to take a closer look at your personal diet and lifestyle choices and consider how they are interfering with your body’s healing processes.


Our bodies are naturally designed to heal themselves and regenerate. However, if you eat a poor diet of heavily processed, low quality foods, and use toxic products on your body and in your home, then it’s very likely that your body’s healing processes are not as effective as they should be.


Every day we are bombarded with environmental toxins in our air, food, water, personal body care products, home cleaning products, workplaces, homes, and cars. We also deal with mental toxicity brought on by stress, working too much, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation.


Doing a physical detox and mental cleanse on a regular basis is a proactive way to deal with toxins, lose weight, keep your mind at peace, and help your body stay healthy, strong, and energized. By detoxing both your mind and body during this cleanse, you will be able to start releasing anything that is not beneficial to your body’s wellbeing.



To really give your body the nutrients it needs for vibrant health, you need to consume whole foods that are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll, healthy fats, and fiber. Plant foods are some of the best sources of these nutrients and will help you maintain a proper alkaline balance in your body for better health.



As a holistic chef, I prefer to do a cleanse that includes whole foods with fiber for an effective detox. Our clients who have done this type of detox cleanse have experienced excellent results and are completely satisfied without feeling hungry while on the detox cleanse.


Blended green smoothies and vegetable soups provide soluble and insoluble fiber that help your body flush out toxins. Blending vegetables and fruits helps break down the cell walls of these plants and liberates the nutrition making it easy for your body to quickly digest these foods and use them for repair and healing.


Fiber is excellent for binding and removing toxins through our bowel movements, helping support our liver’s detoxification, cleansing our digestive tract, feeding good bacteria in our gut, and keeping our blood sugar level stable.


So now that you know the benefits of doing a healing whole foods detox cleanse, let’s talk about the 10 steps for doing a successful detox!


10 steps for a successful detox cleanse


1. Prepare your body for detox.

Do a pre-cleanse at least 4-5 days before starting a cleanse to prepare your body for a detox. You need to start eliminating processed foods, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined white flour products, gluten, dairy, regular and diet soda/pop, alcohol, and coffee from your diet. Eliminating these foods and drinks will help prepare your body for the detox.

Make a large batch of probiotic-enzyme-rich fermented sauerkraut using the recipes on our blog so that they will be ready for eating while on the detox. Fermented vegetables will provide support to your digestive system so it can begin to heal. Fermenting vegetables can take from 5-14 days to ferment depending on if you use a vegetable culture starter, liquid whey or sea salt so plan ahead! You can also buy fermented vegetables if you don’t want to make your own.


2. Go shopping for the detox.

Try to buy all organic foods to do the cleanse if you can afford them. Organic foods are free of many of the toxins you are trying to purge from your body. If you have food allergies to any of the ingredients feel free to substitute other organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds that you can eat to the detox cleanse recipes.


3. Stick with the program.

Follow the detox cleanse faithfully to achieve the best results.  If you cheat you will not receive the full benefits of doing a detox cleanse.


4. Stay hydrated while cleansing.

Make sure you drink plenty of purified or spring water and healing teas while cleansing to help your body move out toxins quickly and efficiently and to avoid dehydration.


5. Take digestive plant enzymes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Digestive plant enzymes provide your body with extra enzyme support that aids the digestive process. My favorite brands are Raw Enzymes by Garden of Life, Digestion Enhancement Enzymes by HealthForce Nutritionals, and Digest-All by MRM.


6. Avoid constipation.

Make sure you’re having regular bowel movements daily during your cleanse. If you get constipated, you can try a magnesium oxygen supplements or a herbal laxative that is non-habit forming.


7. Dry skin brush before bathing and take detox baths.

Dry skin brushing with a soft, natural bristle brush before bathing removes dead skin cells, and helps stimulate your lymph system, glands, and hormonal system which enhances your detox. Always brush upward towards the heart and be gentle with the strokes. Follow your dry skin brushing with a detox bath using the tips and recipes in this post: 10 ways to take a detox bath from The Healthy Honey’s.


8. Exercise.

Exercise will help support your detox program. Exercise helps you sweat out toxins, stimulates your bowels, increases blood circulation, and releases endorphins which make you feel good. Do gentle stretching exercises along with brisk walking during a cleanse while your body adjusts to the detox.


9. Slow down and eliminate stress.

Slow down and take time daily to do 5-10 minutes of meditation and write down how you’re feeling. Also do these healing affirmations, relax, and make sure you do deep breathing exercises at least 3 times per day.


10. Bonus Activities.

You can add a colonic, massage or infrared sauna during the week of your cleanse if it’s feasible for you to do so. Replace personal body, hair, and nail care products and home cleaning products with eco-friendly organic brands. You can also make your own personal care products like this recipe for homemade deodorant for sensitive skin from Oh Lardy.

To support your mouth health do daily oil pulling with virgin coconut oil that will pull toxins from your mouth.


Here’s a resource list of some my favorite essential oils, supplements and personal body care products you can check out to supercharge any detox program and make it more effective! Click Here for the information.


Here’s some of my favorite detox recipes from my 5 day detox that I created to help your body cleanse with delicious whole foods! These recipes are just a sample of a few of the wonderful recipes that will be included in our new comprehensive whole foods detox cleanse!


Pear Avocado Green Smoothie


Pineapple Lime Green Smoothie


Carrot Apple Ginger Soup


Broccoli Basil Cream Soup



Share this detox information with family and friends and let’s all get healthy and radiant together! Please contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment below.


If you enjoyed this post, please check out my new cookbook that’s packed with 154 tasty healing foods recipes and over 50 pages of holistic lifestyle tips for more energy and better immunity! Deliciously Holistic is for sale as a eBook for instant download or print book right now!


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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The information shared on doing detox cleanses does not replace the guidance or care from a licensed qualified medical professional. If you have any of the following conditions you should not attempt a detox cleanse without medical supervision.

1. You have type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent)

2. You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

3. You are taking prescription medications that require a stable blood concentration.

4. You have a serious disease like cancer.

Also please refer to A Harmony Healing’s disclaimer and user agreement located on the bottom of this page.


To your radiant health and wellness!



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  1. I have been taking digestive enzymes for past few months but I’m wondering how safe or how long you should take them. Are there any concerns I should know of?
    Heather recently posted..Lentil Meatballs & Veggies in Spicy Coconut CurryMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Hi Heather, I need to know what type of digestive enzymes you take. Plant-based digestive enzymes are very safe and can be taken for as long as you want extra enzyme support to help you digest your foods more efficiently. I’ve been taking digestive plant-based enzymes for 6 years with no problems and they have made a hugh difference in my digestive health.

      • I agree it has really helped with my digestive troubles. I usually take deva vegan and occassionally natures way and I just looked at both again and I think they are both plant based. Also I started fermenting vegetables after reading your posts a few months ago but I usually just use salt and miso. Should I splurge for the starter cultures because sometimes I am unsure of how bacteria dense it has become even though it always bubbles when I release jar pressure after minimum 5 days, max 10.
        Heather’s Creative Concoctions recently posted..Super Power Hot ChocolateMy Profile

        • Shelley Alexander says:

          Hi Heather, I’m glad to hear that the digestive enzymes and fermented vegetables are helping you. Himalayan sea salt and miso works fine but I like to use the starter culture or probiotic capsules when I want to have certain strains of beneficial bacteria in my ferments. Also the culture starters usually deliver consistent fermented vegetables and they also ferment your vegetables and fruits really quickly and the sea salt or miso takes more time to develop. Your ferments should be just fine they way they are. If one goes bad you will know it from the smell and look of it.

  2. Very good blog I love to read this kind of blog……

  3. Ok thanks your information is so helpful, really appreciate it! 🙂
    Heather recently posted..Jalapeño Black Bean & Coconut SpreadMy Profile

  4. Hi, how do I sign up? And can you email me cause I need to know if I’d fit right for this. Thanks!!!

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Hi Jill, I can’t say if this detox is the right fit for you since I don’t know your health history. Please always consult with your doctor or medical professional before you embark on any new diet changes. I will email you too.

  5. Katarina Johansson says:

    I had fermented sauerkraut for he first time ever a couple of weeks ago and got the most horrible tummy ache I’ve ever had in my life. That didn’t really feel “healthy” at all! 😉

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Katarina, Stomach issues can happen such as gas when you first start on fermented foods especially if you have alot of bad bacteria, candida issues etc.. Fermented sauerkraut is extremely healing and cleansing and you have to eat small amounts and build up gradually to bigger amounts and this should alleviate the stomach aches. Try eating 1 ounce and build up from there. It should be eaten like a condiment with other foods to aid digestion and repopulate your gut with good bacteria.

  6. Thanks Shelley for sharing! I am moving into day 2 of detox and have a few questions.

    1. May I drink filtered water anytime during the day. Living in Colorado makes one extremely thirsty.

    2. How big are the servings of sauerkraut and soups 1 cup?

    Thanks again!

    • Crystal, I’m so happy you started the detox. You can drink filtered water during the day just don’t drink it during your meals. Add a squeeze of lemon, lime, or fresh oranges into the water or a small pinch of celtic sea salt or himalayan pink salt to replace the minerals that filtering removes. For the sauerkraut you should start with eating 1/4 cup at lunch and dinner and see how you feel. For the soups you can enjoy a full bowl of soup around 1-2 cups.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..The 7 Best Healing Foods for Anti-AgingMy Profile

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  13. Thanks for the post. I have a couple of questions about the detox:

    1. What is the sauerkraut used for? I like sauerkraut, but I’m not sure why I would need it and/or other fermented vegetables.

    2. I am on a few prescription medicines (Lexapro, Potassium, Singulair). Would any of those be harmful with the detox.

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    Hi Shelley, can you please help me learn how to eat better, I been having problems with my stomach for a few years now with bloating, gas, pain, heartburn etc… I always look like if I am 6 months pregnant and is really hard for me, the doctor says that I have been having a lot of stress since my son passed away at 9 years old and it’s been almost 4 1/2 years since then, and the doctor also told me that I am allergic to gluten.

  17. What is daily “oil pulling with virgin coconut oil that will pull toxins from your mouth”?

    • Barb, oil pulling or oil swishing, is an ancient Ayurvedic natural remedy procedure to help remove toxins that involves pulling or swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. You can swish with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil for 15 minutes and then spit it out and rinse your mouth afterwards. Here’s a link that gives more information on the benefits: http://www.coconutoilfacts.org/oil-pulling-coconut-oil.php.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..12 Tips for Staying Healthy and Stress-Free during the Holiday SeasonMy Profile

      • FYI: Don’t GARGLE the coconut oil! You SWISH it around in your mouth between your teeth, all around in your mouth!!! NOT your THROAT!
        JustFYI! you CAN start with shorter amounts, you don’t have to begin with the 15 minutes right away. (I didn’t !) Just start with a couple and work your way up to 15 minutes, you’ll still get some benefits from it.
        Good luck!

        • Yes Carol you are right you! You do swish the oil in your mouth not gargle in your throat and any amount of time you can do it for is useful but the best benefits are achieved with 15-20 minutes of oil pulling.

  18. Shelley, Thank you very much. Your detox article is exactly what I need.

  19. Elvira Cacatian says:

    Can i go with this 5days detox because my big problem is i am constpated, 2x a week bowel movement. Sometimes my blood sugar increase 120 to140 i have a maintenance diamecron.i am very much interested because of constipation.thank you, please help me and what will i take before and during the detoxification to increase my energy, i am60 yrs old, female

    • Elvira, I would not do any detox cleanse without checking with your doctor first to make sure you can do it with your health issues. My new detox cleanse is based on eating whole foods and is very gentle. You do need to address the issues with constipation by healing your gut and my new detox program can help with this. Once you reduce toxin load plus the inflammation and heal your gut you will have much more energy.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..Orange Fennel Salad + Exciting Detox Cleanse Program NewsMy Profile

  20. I have belly fat that i find difficult to get rid of, no fat on my arms, legs or any other body part – I do not eat any junk food and eat healthy,yet i do have stubborn belly fat , pls advice how to get rid of this – i also have high BP – no cholesterol or any other illness

    thanks and regards


    • Claudia, You may have food sensitivities to the foods you are eating which is causing chronic inflammation that can keep fat on your belly. Even if you eat healthy foods they may not be good for you. I offer Alcat testing which is a blood test that will uncover any foods sensitivities you may have. Check it out by clicking on the Alcat tab at the top of my site. You also need to take a look at your toxic load and how healthy your gut is and take the necessary steps to heal it with a detox cleanse,eating fermented foods, and taking probiotic supplements. I have a new detox cleanse coming later this month which can help you. I also offer one-on-one consultations if you want more personalized help.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..Orange Fennel Salad + Exciting Detox Cleanse Program NewsMy Profile

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