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I decided to spend the money for testing with ALCAT because of several things:  First, I had been feeling exhausted for many years (at least 3).  That is, I wake up after 8-9 hours of sleep feeling totally exhausted.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I ate well, cooked my own meals, ate lots of fruit and vegetables, exercised regularly, and am not overweight.  It seemed I was doing most of the right things, but I could not get rid of feeling exhausted.  Something was definitely wrong.

Second, my eczema was getting worse.  I’ve had eczema in various spots (inner ear, and behind the ear) for at least 10 years, and now it was spreading to my face (forehead and around the nostrils).  I read a lot about eczema, and I found out that it’s mainly a symptom that your immune system is going overboard reacting to some environmental factor.  I thought that food sensitivities could be (part of) the cause.
After talking to an informative and patient ALCAT representative, I decided to give it a shot.  It was very helpful to me that the rep explained that food intolerances manifest itself in different ways in people.  What shows up for me (exhaustion and eczema) could be somebody else’s arthritis, migraine, and/or weight gain.  I hadn’t thought of that.

About 5-6 days into my 4-day rotation diet, I noticed a “lack of exhaustion”.  That day was Friday, May 8th and my office had commencement.  After twelve straight hours of running around, I noticed that although I was tired, I wasn’t exhausted.  I chalked it up to it being an exciting and exhilarating day.  But then for the next two days (weekend), I noticed I wasn’t exhausted, and in fact, ran 11 miles early Saturday morning.  Then when Monday rolled around, it really hit me that I WASN’T EXHAUSTED.  And although I can’t say that I’m full of energy when it comes to bedtime, I can absolutely say that I do not wake up feeling exhausted.
I have noticed that when I eat something that I’ve tested to be intolerant to (for example, eggs, curry, or rice), I wake up feeling exhausted, as well as experience minor digestive inconveniences that I had come to accept as part of the eating process.

Eating the foods on the rotation diet also leaves me feeling satisfied without feeling full.  I can’t explain it.  It’s a very peaceful process.  I feel at peace.

It’s been about 5 weeks into the rotation diet and I am very happy to report that my eczema is 95% gone.  My inner ear, which has itched like crazy for over 10 years, stopped itching and flaking the first week.  The skin behind my ear is now smooth, whereas just weeks before it had constantly gone through the very itchy, “ooze, crust, then flake” cycle.  I still have dry spots on my face, but they haven’t gotten worse, and I don’t find myself uncontrollably scratching them. These benefits are real!  I hope they last!!

Pei from Los Angeles

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