Baby Kale Raspberry Salad with Nectarine Balsamic Dressing

Baby Kale Raspberry Salad with Nectarine Balsamic Dressing

I just bought the most beautiful organic baby kale, nectarines, and raspberries and the first thing I decided to create was a yummy baby kale raspberry salad with nectarine balsamic dressing!


With summer coming to an end soon I’m trying to enjoy as many seasonal fruits and vegetables as I can before they are gone. Juicy nectarines and plump raspberries represent some of the best of summer’s amazing bounty of fresh fruits.



Juicy sweet nectarines are one of the tastiest stone fruits. Nectarines provide your body with flavonoids, carotenes, lycopene, potassium, and fiber. Nectarines have a beautiful sweet yellow flesh which continues to ripen even after it is picked from the tree. Nectarine’s name comes from the Greek word “nektar” which means sweet liquid.




Raspberries are one of my favorite berries. I love their tart-sweet flavor and I enjoy them in all kinds of recipes. Raspberries are renowned for their high amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, vitamin C, manganese, and fiber which makes them a potent superfood. Raspberries are also an excellent cancer fighter.



If you’ve read my blog before you already know that I’m a passionate lover of kale! I adore kale’s earthy flavor and fantastic health benefits. Kale is such a versatile leafy green vegetable and I like to eat it raw, steamed, braised, sautéed, baked…well you get the point! To learn all of the reasons why kale is one of my top superfoods to eat on a regular basis check out my post.


I normally eat curly kale or dinosaur kale but when I found organic baby kale at the market I was intrigued and eager to try it. Baby kale is so adorable! Check out its delicate leaves and vibrant green color in this picture. What kale lover wouldn’t want to eat this!



My kale salad has everything it needs to be absolutely delectable. Juicy sweet slices of nectarine, tart-sweet raspberries, crisp delicate baby kale, and buttery crunchy pecans, combined with a creamy nectarine balsamic dressing that pulls all the flavors together and enhances them. Real fresh organic foods make all the difference in taking a recipe from good to sublime!


Making this kale salad is so easy. All you need to do is rinse the kale and fruits, make the dressing, and put it all together. I hope that you make this tasty salad before all these fantastic seasonal fruits and vegetables are gone. If you’re like me, this salad will become one of your new favorites!


For all you kale lovers what’s your favorite way to enjoy kale?  If you would like to contribute to the conversation, please take a moment to leave a comment.


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Nectarine picture courtesy of Grant Cochrane.


Baby Kale Raspberry Salad with Nectarine Balsamic Dressing

Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

Serves 2 Entrée-size salads or 4 side salads


6 cups organic baby kale

6 ounces organic raspberries

3 large organic nectarines

5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon raw honey or 2 tablespoons organic coconut sugar

2 tablespoons white or dark balsamic vinegar

½ teaspoon Himalayan pink salt

½ cup sprouted or raw pecans



1. Rinse baby kale, raspberries, and nectarines gently and pat dry. Place raspberries and kale in two separate bowls and place in refrigerator to chill while you cut the nectarines and make the nectarine balsamic dressing.

2. Cut one nectarine in half, pit and place in a high speed blender. Add olive oil, sweetener of choice, balsamic vinegar, and pink salt. Blend dressing until smooth. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed. Set aside.

3. Pit and thinly slice remaining two nectarines.

4. Remove bowl of kale, add nectarine slices and toss with enough dressing to coat salad.

5. Place kale salad in serving plates or bowls and sprinkle with pecans and chilled raspberries. Enjoy immediately.


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  1. I have to say that I just love a salad that has fruit and pecans in it. This one looks delicious. I also learned something from you today. I did not realize that there was more than one type of kale. Maybe I could get my child to eat kale if I told her that it is named after a dinosaur. What a lovely late summer salad.
    Kristen recently posted..How To Prepare for A Hurricane: Stress Management TipsMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      I agree with you totally Kristen. I love salads that combine fruit and nuts and pecans are one of my favorites! I bet you could get your child to eat baby kale if you tell her it was named after a dinosaur. 🙂 Let me know how that works out.

  2. Wow, how gorgeous. I would love to find some baby kale like this. New fall crops should be out soon. I look forward to trying it.
    France recently posted..TV Tuesday #21: How To Get Energy Series – 3 Ways To Eat For EnergyMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Thanks France! I hope you can find the baby kale it’s so delicious and you don’t have to massage it first before eating because the leaves are so tender.

  3. Maris King says:

    I am looking forward to trying this salad.
    raspberries are my favorite and this one’s really good!
    Love it, thanks…
    Maris King recently posted..The Advantages of Selecting Timber Windows When Repairing Your HomeMy Profile

  4. Dr. Erica Goodstone


    That salad looks absolutely wonderful. Kale is so rich in vitamins but can be less than the most tasty green vege. Adding raspberries, nectarines, and pecans makes it look delicious and I can’t wait to try your recipe. Thanks.


    Dr. Erica

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Dr Erica, Kale’s earthy taste is not for everyone but in this salad it really shines! The baby kale has a more delicate flavor than some of the other varieties and I really liked pairing it with the fruits. I hope you enjoy it!

  5. Hi,

    I love this salad, and it would be fantastic for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Would you mind posting this to my food carnival, superfood sundays, a website designed to help mothers prepare during pregnancy for labor and delivery?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Hi Kristi, I’m glad you love this salad! I would be happy to post this recipe on your superfood carnival! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Nice and tempting recipe indeed. I love having salads but what is nectarines. Never ever heard of it before. I don’t think I can get them here in my city..
    Shiwangi peswani recently posted..Best iPad Apps For New iPad 3 With Retina DisplayMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Hi Shiwangi, Nectarines are a stone fruit that has a pit in the center and sweet flesh. I don’t know what city you live in but you can substitute your favorite local fruit for the nectarine or just use all raspberries and make a raspberry balsamic dressing.

  7. Hi Shelley. Kristen asked me to stop by your blog and boy am I glad I did. Nice recipes. Love the style of the blog! Absolutely wonderful. I am also an admin that ministers on a group on Facebook called Thick Madame Plussizes and we talk about health and wellness. Everyday I post something. I will be directing the group to your website for recipes and health related info. Keep up the good work. I love it!
    Barbara Charles recently posted..A Low Wage Jobs Explosion. Feel The Struggle!My Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Hi Barbara, Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad Kristen had you stop by! Thanks for all your positive feedback and please feel free to share my site with your group.

  8. This looks super yummy. I don’t have baby kale but I’ll chop up my grown-up kale as small as possible. I like raw kale salad with avocado too. I found your link on Freaky Friday.
    Lyza recently posted..Guess What? Organic Food is HealthierMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Thanks Lyza! I’m glad you came over from Freaky Friday. Kale and avocado salad is one of my favorites too!

      • I just got some baby red kale at my CSA today and I was over the moon because I remembered this recipe! I had everything except I had peaches instead of nectarines. This was really delicious! I shouldn’t have poured all of the dressing over because it ended up being too much, but luckily I had some more baby kale to soak it up. Next time I’ll know better. I just wanted you to know how much I loved this!
        Lyza recently posted..The Cornier You Are The More I Don’t Want To Eat YouMy Profile

        • Shelley Alexander says:

          Hi Lyza, I’m so happy you made the recipe and enjoyed it! I loved that you took the recipe and modified it with the foods you had on hand from your CSA. I bet it was great with the peaches and red kale. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a lovely looking salad! The colors are gorgeous and I bet the raspberries and nectarines work beautifully with the kale. Gotta try this one! 🙂
    Ricki recently posted..Wellness Weekend September 6-10, 2012My Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Thanks Ricki! The nectarine’s sweetness played well against the tart-sweet raspberries. Hope you like it as much as I did with the kale. 🙂

  10. What a gorgeous, healthy salad. I’ve never had baby kale, I should keep a look out for it at the store. Like you, I’m hanging on to the fresh summer fruit. I keep buying peaches and nectarines. Haven’t seen many berries lately at the farmer’s market, but I’m hoping to find some fall strawberries and raspberries before they are gone until next year.
    Mary recently posted..Gluten-Free Vegan Peach CobblerMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Thanks Mary! I just went to Sprout’s Farmers Market yesterday and they had some organic baby kale from Earthbound Farms and it was on sale 2 for $3.49 so I had to get some! I hate to see summer’s fresh produce go away but I do love all the wonderful fall fruits and vegetables that will be coming soon.

  11. I’m always on the lookout for salad ideas and this one I’m writing down the ingedients to buy tonight. Thanks for the write-up on how to make a great salad, should help me with my weight loss.
    Jessica Johnson recently posted..How to Increase Your FICO Score 50 Points in 30 DaysMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Hi Jessica, This recipe will absolutely help you lose weight while enjoying a satisfying and filling salad. Hope you enjoy it!

  12. Hi Shelley,

    I chose this post because the baby kale salad looks so scrumptious! I discovered the nutritional benefits of kale a couple of years ago and I love it’s flavor. I didn’t know there was a baby kale variety, but I will be sure to look out for it. This recipe sounds so fresh and wonderful. Fresh salads are my favorite food and I love every ingredient including the raspberries and nectarines! To top it off with balsamic…great tasting and super nutritious! Thanks.

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..Unstoppable Life Map ExplanationMy Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Thanks Raena! I hope you love this salad as much as I do! Earthbound Farms has organic baby kale which is available at stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods. I bought mine at the farmer’s market and then I bought some more at Sprouts Farmers Market last week since they just started carrying it there. You can also make it with regular kale.

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