Corporate Wellness Programs

Our on-site corporate wellness programs are a designed to help your employee’s live healthier more productive lives at work and home.

The cost for corporate health care plans and the use of sick days continues to escalate.  This negatively impacts both the company’s and employee’s finances.

Poor eating habits, combined with high stress levels can affect an employee’s concentration, energy level, ability to learn new tasks, productivity, and job satisfaction.

The American Stress Institute estimates that 2.5 to 12.8 million days of productivity are lost each year due to stress-related illness. Most conditions that lead to disease can be prevented with the right diet and stress reduction lifestyle suggestions.

When a corporation proactively implements programs to improve the health and wellness of its employees, employees tend to become more loyal and productive at work.  Health and wellness programs can provide an engaging way to educate employees about developing a healthy lifestyle.

This is where A Harmony Healing can help.  During our on-site Corporate Wellness Programs, we can teach your employees how to effectively improve their health by showing them simple ways to eat delicious, healthy whole foods, use essential oils, herbal remedies and holistic lifestyle solutions that provide energy, strength, immunity, balance, improved health and well being.

We also offer easy techniques for stress reduction that will help your employees stay calm, motivated, and focused at work.

We can provide lunch and learn sessions if this is better suited to your company’s needs.

Contact us at 858.280.9393 to discuss how we can help and for more information about setting up informative, life-changing Corporate Wellness Program for your company.

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