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icon Do you want to experience an incredible life with lots of energy and a strong immune system, so you can feel great every day?


icon Are you looking for recipes that are delicious, healthy and nutrient-dense?


icon Are you confused with all the diet and eating programs available on the Internet and in books?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a simple and easy-to-follow solution for eating nourishing foods that can lead you on an enjoyable path to vibrant health and improve your life for the better!

As a holistic chef, certified healing foods specialist and ardent food lover, Shelley Alexander truly believes good nutrition never has to be at the cost of great taste. Deliciously Holistic cookbook will show you, step-by-step, how to get more energy and better immunity with 154 vibrant, nutrient-rich, healing foods recipes and holistic lifestyle tips.


Some of the tasty recipes in this cookbook include Smoky Orange Hummus, Fuji Apple Salad,  Sweet Potato Maple Soup, Lemongrass Ginger Wild Salmon, Chai Pumpkin Oatmeal, Orange Coconut Yogurt, Basil Garlic Spinach and many more!

Whether your dietary preference is omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gaps, or macrobiotic, eating more healing whole foods and doing the lifestyle tips in this cookbook will help you experience the joy that comes with feeling and looking your best!

A beautiful, colorful introduction to holistic cooking, Deliciously Holistic is certain to launch a lifelong love of delicious healing foods, while bolstering and respecting the Earth.

This joyful book will delight and inspire anyone who wants to come to the table of healthy, thoughtful, sustainable eating!


(preview of some of the recipes from the cookbook)

What’s In Deliciously Holistic

icon154 delicious healing whole foods recipes for every meal

iconA bounty of gluten free and plant based recipes (149 Gluten Free) (100 Vegan)

iconFull color food photographs

icon 50 pages of holistic lifestyle tips to help increase your energy and strengthen your immune system

iconUseful tips for making healthy cooking quick and convenient

iconNatural sweeteners and healthy fats to have in your pantry

icon Fantastic superfoods and how to use them

icon Seasonal whole foods suggested meals

icon Healthy beverages for radiance

icon Healthy prepared food options

icon Holistic shopping guide

iconDigestive health tips


What people are saying about Deliciously Holistic:

Shelley Alexander, author of Deliciously Holistic cookbook is a culinary alchemist of the highest order. If your appetite for meals is stimulated by vibrant colors as well as whole food flavors and textures that are combined in creative new ways, this book is sure to become your best new kitchen companion. She’s put together a cookbook featuring fabulous recipes (with mouthwatering photographs to boot) that include sweet and savory breakfasts, nut milks, teas, smoothies, and cultured elixirs, as well as salads, main dishes, snacks and desserts. Her food creations are a reflection of her true love of food and nature, and they show her devotion, since childhood, to the art of meal making. The book is easy to read, with big and colorful type, along with helpful hints you’ve probably never heard of. The salad and dessert sections of the book will have you salivating in no time. Candia Lea Cole, Whole foods cookbook author and eco-lifestyle educator    



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