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Hi I’m Shelley Alexander, holistic chef, food and healthy lifestyle coach, certified healing foods specialist, cookbook author and essential oils educator.

I work with busy women and men, just like you, who want to improve their health by learning how to eat the most delicious foods and make better lifestyle choices that will nourish their body, mind and soul completely.

I can help you end your constant struggle with doing quick fixes, extreme diets, obsessive calorie counting and still not getting the results you want. Living your life that way is too restrictive, not sustainable and no fun.

I’m here to show you how to eat mouthwatering, soul satisfying real foods that will give you the abundant energy and radiant health you need to crush life, play hard, and feel amazing while you do it!

I specialize in helping my clients:

  • Eat clean for improved health and energy
  • Get rid of chronic inflammation
  • Improve gut and immune system health
  • Address hormone imbalances
  • Test for and eliminate food and chemical sensitivities
  • Test for and improve micronutrient deficiencies
  • Learn holistic self-care tips
  • Lose stubborn extra weight
  • Create balance between personal and work life

Before we change your life, you need to understand that getting healthy and feeling energized, balanced and happy is not just about eating real foods and staying physically fit.

It’s Much More Than That!
It’s about changing the way you think about your life so you feel supported, loved and fulfilled. You need to know how to get deeply nourished to stay healthy, how to renew your mind and body daily to stay balanced, and how to transform your mindset so you can live inspired and happy.

I’m passionate about helping busy women and men like you who are overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted to learn the best way to take care of your health and wellness.

It’s Time To Make Yourself a Priority!
Let me be your guide and biggest supporter on this journey to wellness because I know what it feels like to not have the help you need or the right answers when you’re frustrated, overworked, tired, suffering with health problems and sick of feeling miserable.

For years I played the role of Superwoman working for 60+ hours a week as a professional chef, event planner, entrepreneur, and pharmaceutical sales representative while juggling a never ending to do list and taking care of my family at the same time. I was really successful in my business career but my personal life really suffered and I was mentally and physically exhausted which made me so unhappy.

Eventually my busy nonstop life, high stress levels, lack of self-care, late nights working, and poor sleep habits took a serious toll on my body.

I tried to ignore how I was feeling and keep pushing until I started having daily indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, food sensitivities, anxiety attacks, eczema, and adrenal dysfunction.

I knew from my time spent working as a pharmaceutical rep that I didn’t want to take prescription medication just to get rid of the physical symptoms and still lead the same lifestyle. I needed to go deeper and address the root cause for my health problems so I could feel better.

I started first with changing the foods I ate because as a professional chef I knew how to make delectable foods for my clients. I took my talents as a chef and figured out how to cook for both great taste and maximum health benefits without spending hours in the kitchen.

holistic chef shelley
I went back to school to become a certified healing foods specialist in 2008. I learned the best real foods to eat and essential oils to use to support my busy life and how to use superfoods plus pure essential oils in my food recipes to boost the nutrients and benefits. I started slowing down, making time for self-care and sleeping at least 7-8 hours every night and I figured out how to transform my emotional state using the power of gratitude, relaxation, positive thinking and other specific tools. All of my health problems improved and I felt happy, energized and radiant!

I have spent years cooking delectable nutrient-rich meals as a holistic chef. I have also studied holistic health for years to learn the most effective natural solutions for radiant health. I will help you get the results you want without having to spend hours online searching for answers or going from one coach to another and still not feeling better.

I can teach you the very effective system I have personally used for the last 8+ years to help both myself and all my clients learn how to cook delicious, nutrient-rich foods, do daily mindset shifts, use essential oils, and develop new lifestyle habits to rebuild their health, have abundant energy, boost their digestive system, drop extra weight, thrive and feel alive again!

Why Should We Work Together ?
Because I understand the challenges you face and I have the experience you need to be your coach and guide. We can work together to figure out the root cause of your health issues and what you need to do to feel amazing.

I understand being overwhelmed when you can’t figure out what to eat to fuel your busy lifestyle.

I get the stress you feel whenever you think about spending hours in the grocery store reading labels to find out what’s healthy and still not know the best foods to buy.

I understand what it’s like to hit the drive thru at a fast food place or get takeout from a restaurant because you’re just too tired to cook dinner.

I know what it feels like to be so sleepy when your alarm goes off in the morning that you just want to hide under the covers and go back to sleep. 

 I know what it’s like to constantly crave sugar and need caffeine to boost your energy and get through your day. Once the sugar and caffeine high is gone you feel tired again and need another hit to keep going.

I understand your confusion when you don’t know what healthy foods to eat when you go out to restaurants or attend business meetings.

I know the frustration you feel when you decide you’re going to change the way you eat and you spend tons of money buying all the latest health foods you hear about on the Internet, in cookbooks and on TV talk shows and you still don’t feel any better or know how to even make these foods taste good.

I know the anxiety, pain and sadness you feel when everything you eat or do makes you get bloated, have indigestion, gain weight or feel exhausted.

I can save you the stress, time, pain, confusion and frustration you’re feeling right now. As a holistic chef I create recipes which nourish the whole body, mind and soul. All of my recipes are delicious, deeply satisfying and provide maximum nutritional benefits. As a healthy lifestyle coach I dig deep into your self-care, current mindset, sleep habits, stress levels and lifestyle to see exactly what you need to get results and live a healthier life!

If you decide to hire me as your food and healthy lifestyle coach, try my supercharged wellness coaching programs, take my cooking classes, or attend my live events you will learn how to improve your health and discover the exact steps you need to live a joyful and inspired life free from the problems that have been bringing you down.

I will teach you the simple and effective system that I have used to help all of my clients boost their immune system, have abundant energy, reboot their digestive system, drop extra weight, and feel alive again!

I promise that you will feel so much better and the effort you put in will be worth it. To learn more about my background and experience check out my bio here.

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Here's What We Offer

This site is my online home where I share my love for whole foods, essential oils and inspired living in my blog posts. I truly believe the journey to pure joy, better health and inspired living begins with loving and believing in yourself, honoring your emotional and physical needs, and experiencing gratitude daily.

My personal belief system is NourishRenewLive
This belief system has transformed my life and the lives of my clients too. #nourishrenewlive
is all about this daily practice:
Your body and mind with satisfying, delicious, healthy real foods, pure essential oils, and energizing movement.
Your mind and soul with self love, daily gratitude, forgiveness and positive thinking.
A healthy, abundant, joyful, inspired life.
Are you ready to start thriving in your life?
Contact me by email at aharmonyhealing@gmail.com or at my other email address at shelley@aharmonyhealing.com. You can also call by phone at 858.280.9393 PST to schedule a free strategy session to see which of my services and programs can help you.