Maple Glazed Walnut Coconut Crunch

Maple Glazed Walnut Coconut Crunch

Who doesn’t love a great snack? I eat a snack every day and it’s a wonderful way to satisfy your hunger in between meals. There are four things I do every day in order to feel energized and vibrant. I drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning, have a green smoothie for breakfast, do simple exercises to stay fit, and eat a yummy snack later in the day. I like to make sure that any snack I enjoy is both delicious and nutritious so I can feel good about eating it. My Maple Glazed Walnut Coconut Crunch recipe is sure to become one of your favorites especially if you love the combination of sweet and crunchy with a hint of salt.


I first created this recipe when my friend France from Beyond the Peel asked me to write a guest recipe post for her when she went on vacation to Vietnam last year. The recipe was for a pumpkin chia seed pudding and I topped it with this yummy crunch to take the recipe to the next level. After taking the Maple Glazed Walnut Coconut Crunch out of the oven, I couldn’t stop eating it! All the flavors really worked so well together and the crunch of the large coconut flakes and buttery walnuts along with the aromatic sweet flavors of maple, cinnamon, and vanilla created a delectable recipe that was so irresistible.  Every since I enjoyed this recipe for the first time, I have been making it on a regular basis to eat as a healthy snack.


I made one minor change to the original recipe by adding a pinch of pink salt which adds another subtle flavor element to the recipe and enhances the sweetness too. I am a nut and seed lover and walnuts along with cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and sesame seeds are at the top of my list of nuts and seeds that I eat every week. This snack is good on its own or you can use it to top yogurt or chia puddings. I also like to pop up organic popcorn in coconut oil and add this crunch on top. Or if culinary inspiration strikes, you can make your own trail mix combo by adding other nuts, seeds, and dried fruit combinations like cashews, pecans, pumpkin seeds, raisins, or dried cherries to the mix, and then pat yourself on the back for being so creative with your snacking!



Walnuts are a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids that your body needs on a daily basis to fight inflammation and maintain vibrant health. Walnuts are also rich in protein, biotin, magnesium, manganese and copper. I used raw walnuts in this recipe because they are the best choice for baking.



Coconut is one of my favorite superfoods! Coconut has so many health benefits for the body and one of the most important health benefits is that it contains lauric and capric acid which are important medium chain fatty acids. These medium chain fatty acids have potent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties which will protect your body and keep your immune system healthy. Medium chain fatty acids are also used by the body for energy rather than being stored as fat.

The unsweetened organic coconut flakes that are used in this recipe are made from coconut meat that is dried and shredded into flakes. Coconut meat is rich in potassium, manganese, copper, selenium, and fiber. Coconut meat, coconut oil, and coconut milk have all have potent anti-inflammatory properties along with helping protect the body against free radical damage.


Here are some of my favorite recipes using coconut:


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I hope this yummy maple glazed walnut coconut crunch becomes one of your new favorite snacks. What is your go-to healthy snack? Please contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment.



Important Note

If you are eating really healthy foods but still having issues with your health and chronic inflammation, you need to find out if you have sensitivities or intolerances to the foods you’re eating. The foods which we put into our body on a daily basis can either help protect against sickness, inflammation, and aging or increase it.


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Walnuts for Maple Glazed Co

Maple Glazed Walnut Coconut Crunch

Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

Makes 2 ½ cups

½ cup organic maple syrup-grade B (my favorite brand)

¾ teaspoon organic Ceylon cinnamon (my favorite brand)

⅛ teaspoon Himalayan Pink salt (one of my favorite brands)

1 teaspoon pure organic vanilla extract (my favorite brand)

1 ½ cups raw walnut halves

1 cup unsweetened large coconut flakes


1. Preheat oven to 325˚ F. Line a large baking pan with parchment paper and set aside.

2. Place maple syrup, cinnamon, pink salt, and vanilla in a small bowl and whisk with a fork or wire whisk to combine. Add walnuts to the bowl and stir to coat them completely with the syrup. Scoop walnuts out of bowl and spread out on the parchment lined baking pan.

3. Add coconut flakes to the remaining maple syrup mixture and stir to coat the coconut completely with the syrup. Spoon coconut onto the baking pan next to the walnuts and spread out on the baking pan.

4. Place the coated walnuts and coconut in the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes, stirring several times while baking until the walnuts and coconut are lightly brown. Remove from the oven and let cool. Walnuts and coconut will become crunchy and dry as they cool. Store in a airtight container at room temperature.


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  1. Yummm was going to the store, got distracted by your post. Will be picking up some nuts.. this reminds me of the walking dead when they made glazed pecans!
    LifeOfBun recently posted..8tea5: Strawberry Popping BobaMy Profile

  2. Oh this sounds awesome Shelley, but I’m also going to give that orange, coconut yogurt a try! Since I spend much of my day at a desk writing, taking breaks to exercise and get moving is an ongoing battle. As a result I never eat snacks between meals, but I do eat a “snack size” lunch – just something small to give me an energy boost. So this (and the yogurt!) are definitely something I want to try. Thanks!
    marquita herald recently posted..The Choices You Make Everyday Are Creating Your FutureMy Profile

    • Thanks Marty! I’m so glad you like the orange coconut yogurt recipe! I do spend a lot of time behind the computer too and finding time for daily exercise can be a challenge sometimes. I can understand why you don’t want to snack too much but this snack is a great choice if you do decide to indulge and it will give you a boost of energy during the late afternoon when you need it most. Also you can put this crunch on the orange coconut yogurt, on top of salads, etc. with your breakfast or lunch meals if you don’t want to have a formal snack break.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..Maple Glazed Walnut Coconut CrunchMy Profile

  3. I’d like to try this with the walnuts and also with pecans. Sounds so awesome. I do like the crunchy-sweet combo and the salt sounds perfect with it, too.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted..Shh! The Real Secret to Success in Your Business Revealed!My Profile

  4. While reading this post, I was thinking that I do enjoy snacking; however, I do not want to cook the snack. How silly that thinking is! It is much more sensible to cook my own healthy snack, rather than purchase the sugar and fat laden ones. Thanks.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Simple Exercise for Challenging TimesMy Profile

  5. This sounds absolutely yummy and going to give it a try. I am surprised how easy it is to prepare. I am going to have to give the yogurt a try as well! Thanks for all your awesome recipes!
    Kyle Nelson recently posted..The Good And Bad Habits Of Smart PeopleMy Profile

  6. Sounds and looks awesome!! Gotta get me putting this together!! Thanks for all the tidbits about each important ingredient, Shelley!! I love snacks.. this will be a great one!
    Holly recently posted..The Biggest Loser… Loses!My Profile

  7. I’ll be testing for my allergies… promise. I just am kind of bummed that some foods I should avoid. *sighs*

    I’ve tried this and used it to top my tapioca pudding. My son enjoyed it too. Thanks!
    Nile recently posted..Does Spelling and Grammar Matter In SEO?My Profile

  8. nick catricala

    as you already know your site and your gentle and caring touch to create tastier and healthier recipes is my favorite place to visit and the more I do the more I learn and enjoy.. THANKS so much for all you do with Love.

    I did not crave for any snacks (yet) it is only 10am here and so soon I need to figure out what will be for lunch 🙂 BUT and a huge BUT… I sure can use it fro later or and for certain when I am out of the home and I drive and do not want to buy the usual snacks (vegan) that are in stores (yes, some of them are fine but all of them have something in it that I could stay away from haha 🙂 SOOOO.. this Maple Glazed Walnut Coconut Crunch snack.. will be on my list of the day to create some and save them for when I need then on the road..

    Thanks so much again for ALL you do for all of us who need it and who does not have your great talents 🙂

    nick catricala recently posted..Cocoa nibs are – “Healthy and Dangerous”My Profile

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