Shelley’s Professional Biography

Shelley Alexander is a holistic chef, healthy lifestyle coach, cookbook author, essential oils educator, certified healing foods specialist, blogger, and owner of A Harmony Healing.

Shelley truly loves the vivid colors, tantalizing aromas, delicious flavors, and fabulous textures of whole foods! She feels a great sense of satisfaction and happiness when she cooks and enjoys a wonderful meal of delicious whole foods. Each meal gives her the chance to celebrate in the amazing bounty of delectable foods that give her body and mind energy, strength, joy and peace.

Shelley knows exactly how it feels to experience weight gain, poor digestion, acne, unbalanced hormones, and low energy issues. She has experienced all of those health problems over the years and learned the best way to feel better using holistic methods including; food and chemical sensitivity laboratory tests, eating organic whole foods, using essential oils, whole food supplements, exercise, meditation, a positive mindset and daily self-care.

Shelley’s beautiful gift of good health has inspired her to use her personal experience, knowledge and passion for healthy living to empower other people to make the best food and holistic lifestyle choices to achieve their own vibrant health.

Shelley’s love for healthy whole foods that taste delicious and offer major health benefits is why she decided to become a holistic chef and certified healing foods specialist. All of Shelley’s recipes use delicious nutrient-rich, whole foods which nourish and assist the body’s own natural abilities to stay balanced and healthy.

Educational Background and Professional Experience

Shelley has a diploma in culinary arts from The Los Angeles Culinary Institute in Encino, California. This culinary foundation is complemented by a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Finance from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Shelley is also certified as a Healing Foods Specialist from Immunitrition, Inc. and as a Food Safety Manager by The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals®. Shelley has over 17+ years of work experience in the food industry and 7+ years in the holistic health industry.

Her work experience in food includes Executive Chef and event planner positions with a variety of top catering and event planning companies in Los Angeles, California along with restaurant experience working as Executive Chef for The Stinking Rose Restaurant, a very popular restaurant chain in California. Shelley currently works as a recipe developer, cooking class instructor, food stylist, food and healthy living coach, and wellness blogger  with A Harmony Healing. Shelley is also a wellness advocate and essential oils educator with doTERRA International. Shelley works closely with clients and companies around the world who need her expertise as a holistic chef, health coach and essential oils educator.

A Harmony Healing

Shelley is the current owner of A Harmony Healing a holistic food and health company she created and has owned since 2010. The company’s mission is to help busy people who are stressed out, tired, and unbalanced to learn how to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle and experience the joy that comes with feeling and looking amazing! A healthy and holistic lifestyle is one that brings balance, wholeness, and wellness.

A Harmony Healing offers a realistic and fresh approach to getting healthy and provides tools and assistance busy people need to get results. All of the signature whole foods recipes featured on the site and in our coaching programs are fresh, easy to prepare, and designed to provide specific health benefits to the body. We also have partnered with top Laboratories to offer specialized lab tests to uncover food and chemical sensitivities, micronutrient deficiencies, and more.

A Harmony Healing is located in San Diego, California and can provide the support and help you need to address your personal health challenges with it’s unique mix of services. Shelley designs all of the company’s wellness programs, cookbooks, health coaching programs and cooking classes to help clients achieve their healthy lifestyle goals quickly. These effective and proven products and services get results, are easy to do, and fun to participate in.

Shelley's Unique Approach To Health & Wellness

Shelley’s experience as a holistic chef means she creates recipes which nourish the whole body, mind and soul. All of her recipes are delicious, easy to make, deeply satisfying and provide maximum nutritional benefits. She will teach you what to eat, how to shop, and how to cook so you can feel confident and relaxed in the kitchen!

As a healthy living coach, Shelley digs deep into your self-care, current mindset, sleep habits, stress levels and lifestyle to see exactly what you need to get results and live a healthier life!

Shelley has simple proven solutions and easy-to-do food and healthy living coaching programs that get results. Shelley also offers essential oils, lab testing, and healthy lifestyle suggestions with great tips to help you sleep better, manage stress, lose weight, boost your energy, and support your digestive system so you can feel alive again!

Her integrative and customized approach to eating for wellness and living a healthy life involves looking at your unique dietary needs, health challenges, and current lifestyle to help you get great results that can last a lifetime! Shelley can provide the insights you need to be successful without having to take the time to figure it all out yourself.

Here's What We Offer

Shelley and her team hosts numerous events, group and private cooking classes, holistic health workshops, and food demonstrations at different locations and top natural food stores throughout Southern California including Whole Foods Market and Erewhon Natural Foods Market.

Shelley also does food tastings and creates healthy recipes for magazines like Better Nutrition Magazine, Amazing Wellness Magazine, Shape Magazine and top companies including Bulletproof 360 Inc., Primal Kitchen Foods, Artisana, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Vivapura, Rejuvenative Foods, O Olive Oil, Zhena’s Tea, Manitoba Harvest, Foods Alive, Wholesome Sweeteners, Atlantic Sapphire, and Navitas Naturals.

Shelley’s first whole foods cookbook Deliciously Holistic was published in April 2013.

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