Testimonials for A Harmony Healing and Shelley Alexander

Shelley thank you for teaching me how to increase my energy levels in a natural way without drinking energy drinks and lots of coffee. My job is very physically demanding and I was having difficulty maintaining my stamina and energy throughout the day. Your support, help, and fantastic supplements have really made a big difference in the way I feel and function on a daily basis.

-Fabian Cardenas


Shelley, Thanks for the wonderful and easy to follow recipes in your cookbook. It’s a joy having realistic and tasteful recipes when you are trying to stay on a gluten-free program. I am enjoying my cookbook and thank you for the font size! Perfect font size for reading.



It has been truly a pleasure to work with A Harmony Healing and Shelley. You are so knowledgeable about nutrition, healing foods, and whole food supplements. Your food plan for life is realistic and easy to follow and the results have been fantastic! I’ve lost weight, gained energy, and finally enjoy eating without counting every calorie.

-Cindy B., R.N.


Shelley, you gave me realistic ways to heal my body with attainable goals that fit into my busy life easily. The way you taught me to eat is something I will be able to follow for life and the foods are satisfying and good. I no longer suffer with acid reflux and my energy is so much better! Thank you!

-Rubye Swan


Since I began working with Shelley, I feel so much better. My digestion has improved, my weight has stabilized, and my energy levels have dramatically increased. Thanks for showing me how to live a healthier lifestyle and heal my body holistically.

-Harriet Brown


Shelley your recipes and lifestyle suggestions are absolutely wonderful and so easy to follow. I’m eating more than I’ve ever eaten and I am losing weight and feeling satisfied and happy. Your passion about good health and sound nutrition is contagious. Thanks for all your help.

-Cassandra Matthews


Shelley thanks for changing my relationship with sugar. Before I started your program, I never thought I could give up refined sugar and my cravings for sugary foods. You showed me how to give it up and replace it with better choices and I feel better than ever. Your recipes made with natural sweeteners are delicious! Thanks for your guidance, encouragement, and help.

-Mindy K.


Alcat Testimonials

I did the Alcat Test several years ago and I discovered that my severe food intolerances were vanilla, black pepper and shrimp. I was amazed to find out how many foods I adore were not good for me. When I followed the rotation diet Shelley designed for me, I lost weight, my energy increased, and I felt absolutely amazing! Over the past few years I’ve noticed a decline in my health, and I’ve gained weight by not following the Alcat rotation diet. I plan on getting back on tract, taking the test again, and taking control of my life. Thanks Shelley for educating me and inspiring me to live a healthier life.

Alcat Works!

-Vikki from Los Angeles, California


My husband and I have done the Alcat test and would like to let others know what great results we have had. I have been on the rotation meal plan for 6 months and my husband for one month. Within three days my husband who suffers from asthma has seen dramatic results. He can breathe better than he can ever remember. I have quit after 5 years, my menopause replacement hormones, I no longer have acid reflux, and no more sinus headaches or constipation. Our sons have even asked for the Alcat test as their birthday presents after they saw our results!

-Gayle from Texas


I took the Alcat test even though I had no health problems, I just wanted to look and feel even better. After 6 months on the diet I dropped 1/2 a shoe size and 3 dress sizes! My strength and endurance has increased dramatically. Friends say my skin and face look years younger. I dropped over 14 pounds and my cholesterol went down almost 70 points!

-Jane from California


I just want to tell anyone who takes the Alcat test that it is very accurate. I was having headaches in the past and did not know exactly which foods the headaches were coming from. I took the Alcat test and confirmed that several items I suspected were on my list of intolerant foods. I also found that there were many more on my list and answers were finally there. It was not a guessing game. I have been staying away from these foods for three weeks now and I must say that I feel much better. My headaches stay away as long as I avoid my offending foods. My 9 year old son also did the test. He has an allergy to dust mites which results in asthma. He needs to stay away from milk, wheat and some other foods. His list was not as long as mine. He has been following the guidelines and staying away from intolerant foods. He has decreased his asthma medicine 3 times a day to 2 times a day and sometimes we even decrease the dose by half. I see a wonderful improvement. We are what we eat. In order to feel better and take care of bodies, we need to do the right thing for us. I wish I had done this a long time ago.

-Karen from California


I just wanted to let you know my experience so far with the ALCAT results that I received several weeks ago. I have suffered with fibromyalgia, extreme fatigue, migraines and a host of odd neurological symptoms for the past two and a half years. I was forced to take a 7 month medical leave of absence from work. I became deeply depressed and hopeless. I had blood work done, MRIs, CAT scans, neurology appointments etc. Everything came back normal. I was told things were all in my head. I was depressed and miserable. Having the Alcat test was the best decision I have ever made. I have followed the dietary recommendations 100 percent for the last two weeks. I eliminated my reactive foods. During that time I have had only one migraine. Other than that one time I have had no migraines, no fibromyalgia pain, and no neurological symptoms and have lost 4 pounds since I began following the dietary recommendations. I feel like a new person. My sleep is deeper and I wake up feeling rested. I can’t tell you how happy and amazed I am. Thank you for the work you all do. It has changed my life in just 2 weeks.

-Jennifer from Maine


During the past 20 years I have tried many allergy/sensitivity tests and have never found one to equal what I have found with ALCAT.  In the very first month of changing my eating habits, I lost 11 lbs.  I thought that I had been eating healthy; however, who would know that common “healthy” foods such as peaches and carrots could be triggers for me.  Previously I did not notice any change when I would eliminate wheat or sugar individually; but have noticed a huge change in my overall health when identifying and then choosing to eliminate all the foods that trigger my sensitivities.  After changing my eating habits and sticking to my new food choices for 5 months I have been able to stop taking Excedrin and have been headache free for a week!  This has not happened in 20 years!!  I am thrilled.

-Kim S. From Bloomington Family Chiropractic


I decided to spend the money for testing with ALCAT because of several things:  First, I had been feeling exhausted for many years (at least 3).  That is, I wake up after 8-9 hours of sleep feeling totally exhausted.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I ate well, cooked my own meals, ate lots of fruit and vegetables, exercised regularly, and am not overweight.  It seemed I was doing most of the right things, but I could not get rid of feeling exhausted.  Something was definitely wrong.

Second, my eczema was getting worse.  I’ve had eczema in various spots (inner ear, and behind the ear) for at least 10 years, and now it was spreading to my face (forehead and around the nostrils).  I read a lot about eczema, and I found out that it’s mainly a symptom that your immune system is going overboard reacting to some environmental factor.  I thought that food sensitivities could be (part of) the cause.

About 5-6 days into my 4-day rotation diet, I noticed a “lack of exhaustion”.  That day was Friday, May 8th and my office had commencement.  After twelve straight hours of running around, I noticed that although I was tired, I wasn’t exhausted.  I chalked it up to it being an exciting and exhilarating day.  But then for the next two days (weekend), I noticed I wasn’t exhausted, and in fact, ran 11 miles early Saturday morning.  Then when Monday rolled around, it really hit me that I WASN’T EXHAUSTED.  And although I can’t say that I’m full of energy when it comes to bedtime, I can absolutely say that I do not wake up feeling exhausted.

I have noticed that when I eat something that I’ve tested to be intolerant to (for example, eggs, curry, or rice), I wake up feeling exhausted, as well as experience minor digestive inconveniences that I had come to accept as part of the eating process.

Eating the foods on the rotation diet also leaves me feeling satisfied without feeling full.  I can’t explain it.  It’s a very peaceful process.  I feel at peace.

It’s been about 5 weeks into the rotation diet and I am very happy to report that my eczema is 95% gone.  My inner ear, which has itched like crazy for over 10 years, stopped itching and flaking the first week.  These benefits are real!  I hope they last!!

-Pei from Los Angeles


At 220 pounds I had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, Adult Onset Asthma, and High Blood Pressure. I was Border Line Diabetic and had Pitted Edema in my legs to the extent I wore support hose for 5 years. My ailments were only outnumbered by the medications I took for them. I started trying to lose weight. Without much support or direction, I tried several nationally advertised well known diet plans. I would lose a little and gain even more. After approximately 3 years of this yo-yo I had gained an additional 32 pounds, and was now at my top weight of 252 pounds. Then I found the ALCAT Test through a book I was reading.  Unlike the “diet plans” I had seen before, the ALCAT test spoke of food intolerance and a medical reason why my body was not responding to a healthy diet.

After taking the ALCAT Test, I found my most severe food intolerances were some of the healthiest foods I ate, and I ate them on a daily basis. Lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and lemons, to name a few.  When I started the ALCAT Test Rotation Diet I was sure this was something that could change my life. When I eliminated the foods I was intolerant to I started losing weight almost immediately, an amazing 15 pounds the first 2 weeks. In the following 11 weeks I lost an additional 70 pounds. After approximately 10 days I was able to stop taking all six prescription medications. I lost an incredible 16 inches on my waist line; and went from a 3XL shirt to a medium.

The ALCAT Test is absolutely amazing.

-Joe from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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