The Blissful Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep and How You Can Achieve Them

The Blissful Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep and How You Can Achieve Them

It’s ironic how we tend to search far and wide for the solution to our never-ending health and wellness dilemmas, thinking that the answers could only be as complicated as the problems. However, we carelessly take for granted the very simple thing that could actually solve many of our issues. From depression, to cognitive decline, to debilitating migraines, to maintaining youthful skin, would you believe that a good night’s sleep is the answer to all of these problems? Sound too good to be true? Not when it’s backed up by science. If you haven’t been spending quality time with your bed lately, that means you’re totally missing out on some of sleep’s most incredible health boons. There are so many blissful benefits of a good night’s sleep and you can achieve them with some simple and effective solutions.


A article in the Business Insider reported that sleep is:


1. The simplest secret to happiness. Believe it or not, just one night of insufficient sleep can have a tremendous impact on your mood the following day. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that subjects who were limited to only 4.5 hours of sleep a night for one whole week felt more stressed, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted. However, when the same subjects resumed their normal sleep hours, they reported a dramatic improvement in their mood. Check out this awesome infographic to learn even more.


2. An effective memory and brain booster. Sleep is proven to enhance memory, promote creative functioning, and improve problem-solving skills. In fact, a study released in Science revealed that learning and sleep cause changes in the motor cortex area of the brain, a region responsible for voluntary movements. According to Professor Wen-Biao Gan of New York University, you will not learn well if you don’t sleep well, as sleep helps neurons form specific connections on dendritic branches that facilitate learning and long-term memory.


3. An anti-aging secret. If you’re not thrilled with the sight of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, then do yourself a favor: make it a habit to go to bed earlier every night. Based on research published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology, women who slept poorly showed accelerated signs of skin aging and were slower to recover from skin damage.


4. A no-pill solution for headaches and migraines. Inadequate sleep can trigger migraines and all kinds of headaches, which explains why episodic migraines are extremely common in poor sleepers. In addition, while lack of sleep increases your pain sensitivity, adequate sleep time works like a low-level pain reliever. This is why individuals suffering from significant pain feel a whole lot better after a good night’s rest.


5. A strong shield against bacteria and viruses. When you sleep, your body produces protective cytokines, antibodies, and cells that guard you against disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, not only weakens your immune system and your body’s innate defenses, but makes you vulnerable and unable to recover easily from common colds and diseases.

*To read the entire article in Business Insider go here.

Imagine all these great benefits you’ll get from getting adequate hours of sleep. But how long you should stay in bed can vary from person to person and greatly depends on which age group you
are in. Dr. Charles Czeisler and his colleagues from Harvard University, after a thorough review of over 300 studies on sleep published between 2004 and 2014, recommended that infants should
get 14 to 17 hours of sleep, while teenagers and adults should strive for 8 to 10 hours.


Woman getting blissful sleep


To ensure the quality of your snooze time, practice these good sleeping habits:


1. Avoid using electronic devices like your smartphone or laptop or watching TV at least one hour before bedtime. These devices release artificial blue light which can cause your body’s release of melatonin to be shut down which disrupts your daily circadian rhythm making it hard to fall asleep. If you have to use these devices at night before bedtime, try wearing these UV glasses that block out blue light.

2. Sleep in total darkness by covering your windows with drapes or blackout shades, or wearing a sleep mask.

3. Stick to a regular sleeping schedule even on the weekends.

4. Get some safe sun exposure in the morning, if possible, to reset your circadian rhythm.

5. Invest in high-quality sleeping materials, such as organic mattresses and pillows that are free from toxic chemicals and harmful irritants.


Shelley’s additional tips for blissful sleep:


1. Use a drop of lavender essential oil on the bottom of your feet and 1 drop on your pillow every night. Contact me at shelley@aharmonyhealing to find out which brand I use and to get your own bottle.

2. Listen to music especially created to help you relax and drift off to sleep. I’m a big music lover so listening to music is one of my favorite things to do before bedtime. Some off my personal music favorites for sleep and healing include this assortment of different CD’s: music for healingocean waves, forest soundsor the healing sounds of nature

3. Use magnesium oil. Magnesium is a very important mineral that many of us are deficient in. Applying magnesium oil topically is easier for the body to absorb and can work better than a oral supplement that may cause digestive upset. I spray magnesium oil on the bottoms of my feet, stomach and thighs before bedtime, let it dry and then hop into bed. Magnesium has many benefits including relaxing your muscles, supporting restful sleep, adrenal health, relieving aches, and helping with detoxification. You can make your own magnesium oil very inexpensively or purchase this high quality brand.


About the Author:

Arrianne Nellaine del Rosario is a writer for She has written and transcribed many in-depth expert interviews in the past about the effects of supplements like probiotics, colloidal silver, and sulfur, on optimal health. Knowing the importance of a good night’s sleep physiologically, Arrianne maintains healthy sleeping habits despite her hectic work schedule.


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  1. Great tips Shelley. I mostly sleep in total darkness and with no noise. I like your additional tips especially listening to music.
    Siphosith recently posted..How To Choose The Best Affiliate Program To PromoteMy Profile

  2. Great tips! No electronics before bed is the one I struggle with the most.
    Chloe recently posted..What Does Anxiety Feel Like?My Profile

  3. I am shocked that I don’t look 100 years old as poorly as I sleep! Great tips…still working on it!

  4. This is right on time with what my whole day with my mother was about. She is in a situation of not being comfortable to stay asleep for several days. It is the humidity as she stated.

    After reading this article. Visualizing, my whole day with her. I must believe that computer and TV she leaves on each night. No quite time or blackness. I learn this staying in a hotel with he and TV on all night. That is why I had to go explore the casino when she sleep.

    Tomorrow I will walk her through things to try and get that sleep she wants. I am sharing this article with her now.

    Thank you so much for having my back, front and mind. You are one of the best !
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted..An Awakening!My Profile

  5. Great post. I do sooo much better when well rested.
    Jessica recently posted..A collection of zucchini recipes (low carb/gluten free/ THM)My Profile

  6. It is very necessary to have a nice sleep for good health. Many doctors say that sleep and laughter are the best therapy for most of the disease like stress, obesity, tension. Many best hospitals in Jaipur suggests for this.
    ehcc recently posted..Dr Sanjeev Kumar SidanaMy Profile

  7. I like total darkness and total quiet. My wife turns a fan on for white noise, and I just live with it because she’s the boss (there’s another tip for healthy living and long life—do what your wife wants).
    Zach recently posted..Five Things to Consider Before Signing a ContractMy Profile

  8. What do parents of small children do? It’s VERY difficult to get 8 hours of sleep a night. And “good” sleep is almost 100% out of the question. I’d love to know what others do…because there hasn’t been a night go by in the last 10 years where I haven’t been disturbed at least once.

    And once I’m awake, I’m often awake for several hours.
    Bill Davis recently posted..How to Build Your Email Subscriber List Meetup – Internet Marketing MuscleMy Profile

    • Bill, I know sleeping deeply and all night long can be challenging for most parents with small children. All you can do is try to do the things mentioned in my post and also try to use these tips to also help your children to sleep better and do the best you can. Once you wake up using the lavender essential oil and listening to the relaxing music can really help you fall back asleep much faster than being awake for several hours. I hope this helps you!
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..The Blissful Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep and How You Can Achieve ThemMy Profile

  9. Bill Davis asks an important question, regarding parents of small children. My oldest is nearly 17 years older than my youngest, so I had over 20 years with small children in the house. Now that my youngest is 15, and I am in my early 60’s, a new situation has come up with my never being able to sleep longer than 2-3 hours at a time. Thankfully, I don’t usually have a problem getting back to sleep again. I purposely work on getting as much sleep as possible each night — which is seldom over 7 hours.

    A lesson I learned when our oldest were little, was not to stress about it if I didn’t get enough sleep. Maintaining an attitude of calm and relaxation, as much as possible, helped a lot. AND keeping my expectations as low as possible the next day, for both the children and myself.
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..The Little FrogMy Profile

  10. I think I must be an exception that proves the rule. I can’t sleep without background noise. I play movies or TV shows with headphones on. I have tinnitus but it’s only when it’s quiet that I notice it screaming in my ears. (apart from right now because I mentioned it!). Playing music doesn’t work as I wake up with the tune in my head all the next day.

    After years of poor sleeping, I now get enough and feel so much better for it.
    Bride recently posted..10 Ways to Find and Keep Your Ideal Facebook AudienceMy Profile

  11. Hello Shelley, Great tips my friend! I love to sleep LOL I have the comfiest bed ever, it is hard for me to get out of it most mornings..

    I guess I never gave much thought to #3. As sleep being an anti-aging secret. But I like it

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..Discover Why Leadership Is So Important For SuccessMy Profile

  12. Wow Shelley!

    That is some totally awesome advice! While I was sort of vaguely
    aware of some of the rather obvious benefits of consistently getting
    enough sleep.

    I really had no idea, just how important for lots of extremely positive health reasons,
    consistently doing so is!

    Your excellent post definitely opened my eyes and understanding a lot!LOL!

    In fact, i definitely need to invest in the right type sleep aid pillows!

    Any suggestions? Thanks!You really did a fabulous job!
    Mark recently posted..How To Earn Money:Why Extremely Savvy Entrepreneurs Know And Understand It’s About Ownership!My Profile

  13. thanks for describing nice sleep
    KING YUVAA recently posted..FLAT 70% OFF ON ETHNIC WEARMy Profile

  14. Awesome advice and I might try the lavender oil, because last night sleep was broken and upset my routine.

    I’ve also discovered that cotton sheets are moisture wicking and not great for the skin. I say this because I often wake up with a dry throat and feel this might also be disrupting my sleep. Any thoughts?

    Maybe I need to learn to sleep with my mouth closed 😉
    Drew recently posted..Blackberry and Sage Detox WaterMy Profile

  15. I had never heard of the lavender oil solution. I struggle to sleep every night and will have to give it a try.
    Norm Brown recently posted..Basics of Essential Oil.My Profile

  16. These is really nice! After all, it is really important that we put prime in our health right? The Magnesium oil is something new for me! I’ll make sure I’ll try it out. And by the way, playing some music really works for me too!

  17. This was a good read for me. I never really thought about how important it was to get a good nights sleep. Some great tips, thank you for sharing!
    Kamal recently posted..Bruce Lee’s 8 Top Tips To Get Better Results in Training and Life!My Profile

  18. Thanks for sharing . relly helpful article here.

  19. Wow, great to find such a great article. A good sleep is always required to stay motivated and focused on your everyday life.
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  20. Glad to read this article. Hope that this will help me a lot to sleep better. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  21. Jenny Susan

    thank you for sharing. I think I have found a way to sleep better and deeper when reading your article.
    Jenny Susan recently posted..How to Clean a Crib Mattress Properly and Keep Your Child HealthyMy Profile

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