Your Health is your True Wealth

Your Health is your True Wealth

This latest post is written by Kris Willey, my friend and founder of Women of the Green Generation, an amazing group of women who are in the forefront of the green movement. I am happy to be a member of this great group! Kris speaks about food intolerance testing and I offer this testing from Alcat. You can find out more by going to the Alcat Testing Page on my site.

Here is the post: Recently I met up with a few Women of the Green Generation members for lunch, and the subject of health came up and one of the ladies made a beautiful statement,“your health is your true wealth”  This statement rings true because let’s face it;  if if you don’t have good health, then all areas of your life (work, relationships, daily activities) can become affected.


Entrepreneurs and business owners have a tendency to push themselves to the brink of exhaustion by working long hours and taking on enormous amounts of stress. It seems it comes with the territory. Those that burn the midnight oil have a tendency to not eat at regular times, they don’t eat the right kind of foods and they compound that by committing the biggest sin of all, which is not
drinking enough water! All these things together can lead to declining health and eventually can stress the body to a point where illness steps in and then suddenly all areas of our life become affected.


I think most of us have a tendency to take our health for granted – because when we feel good we don’t think about doing the things that would keep our good health in check. So we think its okay to eat the foods that don’t support a healthy lifestyle, like sweets made with refined sugar and white flour, coffee, soda, and alcohol. And now with the holidays coming up I know that many of us will be attending gatherings where cheese plates, wine and lots of decadent desserts will be overflowing in abundance! (I can feel my stomach aching just thinking about it.)


So recently I went for a check up with my Ayurvedic doctor and he told me something I was reluctant to hear. He told me no more caffeine! Which meant I could no longer indulge in my daily ritual of a creamy delicious cappuccino (Sigh…) at first I thought to myself, what is the harm of doing just one shot of espresso a day, after all I am not some caffeine junkie! (Am I?) But before I began to argue with him, or the inner voice of reason that stated I would be okay if I continued this habit, I decided to listen to my doctor and forgo my daily ritual. I was good for a couple of weeks, but then one day I broke down and ordered a decaf cappuccino. I have to admit that the taste was different and I did not enjoy it very much. So then I decided to try another coffee shop to see if their decaf espresso was any better – sadly no luck (and besides it’s not like a decaf is caffeine free anyway.) So once again I quit the bitter bean, until a couple days ago when I decided that I would treat myself to an occasional cappuccino as a reward for
being so good. (Big mistake!)


At first I relished the taste of my old friend, I thought to myself “Welcome back Mr. Cappuccino!” And then I decided to celebrate this joyful reunion with another long lost friend, Mr. Almond Croissant. (My favorite duo.) Well I have to admit that the journey from my taste buds into my stomach was quite pleasant, but about 30 minutes after this joyous occasion I began to feel the reason why my Ayurvedic doctor told me to stop drinking coffee. My stomach began to feel acidic, I lost my appetite, and my body was completely devoid of energy. All of a sudden Cher’s song “If I could turn back time” began to play over and over in my head and I lamented my poor decision of reintroducing some old friends back into my body.


The truth is I discovered that many of the foods I have eaten for most of my life were no longer compatible with my body, in fact they NEVER really were and I suffered for many years with bad allergies, constipation, horrible menstrual cramps, and lack of energy.


It was about 3 years ago that I read an article on how to discern between food allergies and food intolerances – so I did some simple food elimination testing and found out I have an intolerance to wheat (specifically vital wheat gluten.) This discovery was a revelation and I replaced all the wheat products I was used to eating with brown rice and quinoa and my body thanked me a hundredfold for making this decision. No more bloating, no more allergies, no more aching joints, no more menstrual cramps and I lost 30 pounds to boot! I did more food elimination testing and I discovered even more foods that my body did not like, such as soy, dairy, several types of nuts, and anything processed or refined.


Making simple changes to my diet gave me a new lease on life and my health because now I have plenty of energy and I feel better in my thirties than I did in my twenties! People often remark how good I look and my skin positively glows.


Feeling vibrant health and being in peak physical condition is a blessing, one that I am not willing to compromise anymore – not even for an occasional reunion of old friends. (Sorry Mr. Cappuccino and Danish.)


This Holiday season I would like to inspire everyone to discover the true abundance vibrant health that is within you and realize that “your health is your true wealth” You need to have energy in order to work long hours, and the only way you can have this abundance of energy and vibrancy is by eating the right kind of foods, keeping properly hydrated, avoiding processed foods, alcohol, deep fried foods,
caffeine, and refined sugary desserts. There are plenty of delicious tasting healthy alternatives to desserts, and gluten free options have never tasted better!

Cheers to good health and a prosperous new year!


Kris Willey

Natural products rep, green events and marketing

Founder, Women of the Green Generation

WOTGG’s mission is to inspire, educate, motivate, share resources, and connect with other individuals and organizations that are actively engaged in sustaining our planet and working towards positive transformation.

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  1. When I came to the part about how we don’t drink enough water, I realized I was thirsty! I usually drink a lot, but can get really busy and forget it.

    Thanks for your reminder to be careful about our diet. It doesn’t take that long to throw some brown rice and lentils in a pot and fix a salad, but it does take longer than opening a can. As busy as we are, however, it’s so worth the doing. Good to have voices like yours here on the internet!
    Pastor Sherry recently posted..Spiritual Growth: What Is Love?My Profile

    • Shelley Alexander says:

      Hi Pastor Sherry, drinking water is so key to staying hydrated and healthy. When you combine it with a healing whole foods diet and exercise, you will have the energy, strength, and immunity you need to maintain vibrant health. I am glad you enjoyed this guest post by my friend Kris Willey.

  2. Hi Shelley,

    thank you for having this guest post on your blog!

    The point Kris is making about wealth and health is very informative.
    Her experience with coffee was interesting to read having been a ‘coffee addict’ in the past.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people celebrated Christmas and special occasions with healthy food and drinks.

    To Health!
    Yorinda recently posted..Who runs the Show in Your Life?My Profile

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