3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Use Essential Oils for Vibrant Health

3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Use Essential Oils for Vibrant Health

Have you ever tried essential oils? These amazing oils have the ability to positively improve your health and life completely! Essential oils have been used for centuries by a wide variety of different cultures because of their therapeutic and medicinal benefits.  I have personally used essential oils for many years and they have made a huge difference in my health. I use essential oils in my whole foods recipes, homemade skin care products, candles, in a diffuser in my home, and in my bath.


Since I discovered the power of using essential oils, I wanted to feature a series of blog posts about them so you can start incorporating them into your life for vibrant health and wellness. I asked my friend Kierston Kirschbaum an essential oils expert and educator to kick off these posts by writing several posts about essential oils and how to use them so I could share this valuable information with all of you on my blog. Today’s post will share 3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Use Essential Oils for Vibrant Health.


Here is Kierston’s first post:


How Can We Empower Ourselves To Be Healers In Our Homes & Communities?



Almost 4 years ago I reached a moment where, as a mother of 2 small boys, I felt like I had failed, I felt helpless and lost. After almost 3 weeks of antibiotics, long nights with screaming boys and hours upon hours in the doctor’s waiting room, I was at my wits end. My 2 young sons, four and two years old, still had ear infections. I will never forget the physician’s voice and his unsure recommendation to try another round of antibiotics.


My heart sank and although I wanted to see my sons get better, I just couldn’t submit their little bodies to any more antibiotics. The side affects of fevers, diarrhea and who knows what else left me at a point where I literally said to my doctors, “There has to be a better way than this.” He had no answer and so I started my own journey to find answers. I was determined to find a way for me to provide a safer, more effective and way cheaper alternative for my family’s health.


I believe that most of the time God answers our prayers through friends and it was at this time that a close friend offered me a solution that any other time in my life, I would have ignored. She called and simply said,” I heard about your boys and wanted to help, if you would just try rubbing a little lavender and melaleuca around their ears, I’m sure it would help. Trust me, I know it may not make sense to you, but I know it can provide some relief.” I trusted her and she brought over a small vial of lavender and melaleuca and showed me what to do.


Within hours both of my boys had stopped crying, within 24 hours their ear infections were healing and within days they were gone.  I of course made the call that all good friends make, “And told her how grateful I was and that she was right.”


She responded that her goal was never to be RIGHT, but to simply open my eyes to another option and empower me.


It is the word empower that has changed the course of my life and in the last years has lead my family and I around the world partnering with hospitals, doctors of all fields, holistic coaches, health and wellness professionals and my favorite, woman and mothers.


So, if you are like me, you may be asking, “What are essential oils?” “Why did they work?” “How did you use them?” and most importantly how can these oils help you with your health and wellness?


Essential oils are a powerful volatile compound found in plants and all of their parts (Seeds, stems, bark, flowers, roots, etc). It is the oil that is found in these plants that Universities, Hospitals and Medical Research Institutions are now recognizing as an amazing solution to our terrible health crisis. We call them essential oils and they been used for thousands of years by the Chinese, during the Plague in Europe by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, and even during WWII.


To keep this simple and hopefully memorable, I want to cover three amazing benefits of using essential oils. If you walk away today from reading this post and someone asks you what you learned, these will be the 3 most important things.



3 Amazing Health Benefits of Using Essential Oils


The 1st benefit of using essential oils is that they are 100% natural.


If you were to look at a peppermint leaf under a microscopic you would see whitish green little sacs, which hold the essential oil of the plant. This is where we get and harvest the essential oils. They are actually the natural aromatic compounds that are found in plants, and they are very concentrated. It’s the plants natural immune system against viruses and bacteria.


If you were to compare the potency and concentration of essential oils to herbs, essential oils are 70 times more powerful than herbs. So taking one drop of peppermint essential, and putting it on the roof of your mouth, or rubbing it in your hands, and breathing it is equivalent to 28 cups of Peppermint tea. Equally as important as it’s potency is that it is 100% natural, which means that nothing is added to it and nothing is taken away from it. When used correctly, you can safely use it with your infants, children, and the elderly. This is the first fantastic benefit of using essential oils.



The 2nd benefit of using essential oils is that they work at a cellular level to support your body’s own natural healing abilities.


Essential oils don’t just treat symptoms they work at the root of the problem, at the cellular level. Most antibiotics are water based and our cells are surrounded with an oily membrane, so it doesn’t take a whole lot of science to understand that oil and water don’t mix.


Most of the time when bacteria forms, it forms outside of the cell. This why antibiotics function most effectively, outside of the cell, outside of that oily membrane. So antibiotics do work for bacteria although more and more bacteria are becoming resistant and they come with side effects, and if used frequently can turn into addictions. Some of those antibiotics are also really harmful to our body.


Viruses on the other hand are inside of the cell. They duplicate our DNA, and it is hard for antibiotics to penetrate (oil and water don’t mix) and be very effective on viruses. In fact, a lot of times when you go to your doctor and you have a virus he or she says, “Here is what you can do. Go home, drink a lot of water and let it run its course.” But essential oils are much different. Not only can they kill bacteria, but they are also clinically proven to kill and stop the duplication of viruses. So not only are they are safe for us, they are very effective with helping support your body’s own natural healing abilities. This is the second fantastic benefit of using essential oils.



The 3rd benefit of using essential oils is that they are inexpensive.


Essential oils are much cheaper per dose then prescription medication. I have 3 children, and we have some kind of a minor medical emergency every day. Last year, 2 out of my 3 children came down with ear infections. Even if you have the best health care and the best insurance, you are looking at a $20 co-pay and a $5-$10 prescription cost and your kids are going to be on that medication seven to ten days. A doctor’s visit and antibiotics will cost you anywhere from $25 to $30. Not to mention driving to the doctor, waiting in the waiting room with other screaming sick kids and then driving home 4 hours later.


It only costs 64 cents to get rid of my children’s ear infections with Melaleuca Essential Oil. Within one day their ear infections were gone. No more screaming and crying and setting reminders trying to get them to swallow their antibiotics. In fact, one of them felt better overnight. Some people ask tell me, “ I just cannot afford essential oils.” I look at them and say, “You can’t afford not to be using essential oils.”


After driving back and forth to Walgreens and the doctor, co pays and waiting, you are wasting hundreds of dollars when you could get rid of it in the comfort of your own home. It is so much cheaper per dose, and there is no expiration date on all of the oils except for some of the citrus oils. In most cases, they will last longer than you. In contrast all over the counter medications in your medicine cabinet have expiration dates. Just when you need them, they are expired. One drop of essential oil contains hundreds of unique compounds offering powerful chemistry for fighting many different health concerns.


There is so much more to cover from how to use essential oils, to which essential oils are used for certain wellness challenges and the best way to get them. I’m grateful for my caring friend who dared to call knowing that I might tell her she was crazy. Hopefully I can be that friend for you and at least help you know that there is a safer way, that you can be empowered and we have the responsibility to help each other once we gain that knowledge.


There Are 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils


The first is aromatically. (Look for the “A” symbol) Think of someone who has respiratory problems. One of things that they don’t leave their house with is an inhaler. It’s the quickest way to get the medicine into their lungs and open up airways. The same principle applies with essential oils. When it comes to any kind of respiratory challenge, the quickest way to get essential oils like Eucalyptus (which is great for respiratory health) into your lungs and solve that ailment is by diffusing it or breathing it in.


So we can diffuse it whether on our hands or diffuse it in rooms through a device called a diffuser.  Medical centers like Vanderbilt University Medical Center use essential oils in their ER to reduce the stress of their staff and patients. The Aria, Green Valley Ranch, Bellagio & MGM spas as well as hundreds of other spas use essential oils to kill bacteria, pathogens and improve the mood of their facilities.


  • Kill germs in the air
  • Open airways
  • Affect mood, including depression


The second way we can use essential oils is internally. Look for label saying safe for dietary use on the bottle.Some essential oils could contain unknown chemicals, pesticides or not be 100% pure. Using my favorite brand of essential oils internally has become one of my favorite ways of using them especially in fighting a really bad virus; ailing a digestive issue or even losing weight. Using essential oils internally can be extremely effective and safe.


  • Take in a gel capsule, under tongue, or in water.
  • Relieves issues in the digestive system, mouth & throat, liver, and Urogenital Tract.


The third way you can use essential oils is topically. (Look for the “T” symbol) It’s always important to use carrier oil, like coconut oil when you are applying essential oils topically to test the sensitivity of your skin. Some oils can be irritating to the skin because of their chemistry. The best situation to use an essential oil topically would be for a burn, rash, bug bite or other skin irritation. In any of these cases you could apply it directly to the troubled area.


A common question people ask is, how much should I use? It really depends on the severity of the ailment and how long you have had it, but it is recommend to apply one or two drops for a child and three to four drops for an adult. Remember, one drop of peppermint essential oil is equal to 28 cups of Peppermint tea. It is very concentrated and the best rule of thumb is “less is more.” Many massage therapists, yoga instructors; spa’s and health and wellness professionals have integrated protocols using essential oils through a clinical application of essential oils.


  •  Apply to localized area
  •  From bottom of feet, enters blood stream within 30 seconds
  •  Apply to head, feet, ears, chest and the back of the neck.


The last way many people use essential oils is in their food. Although this way of using essential oils could be categorized as “Internal” usage, I wanted to break it out because there are so many ways we can receive nutritional value from essential oils. Herbalists, Nutritionist, Chef’s, Bar Mixologists and Dietitians integrate the use of essential oils into their client’s meal regimes, smoothies, drinks, weight-loss programs and more.


For info on how to safely use essential oils please click here.



Here are a few of my favorite recipes using essential oils:



Marinara Sauce is extremely easy to do. This recipe staple is packed with flavor and can be used in many of your favorite dishes. Your family will love it!

Marinara Sauce

Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free


2 pounds Roma tomatoes (around 8-10), cut in half

1 small sweet white onion, sliced

4 garlic cloves, peeled and grated

¼ cup Extra Virgin olive oil

Himalayan Pink or Sea salt, to taste

Fresh ground Black Pepper, to taste

1 drop Basil essential oil

1 toothpick Oregano essential oil


1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.


Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers

Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy-Free


These delicious and easy black bean burgers with essential oils are sure to be loved by everyone in your family.

2 garlic cloves

2 cans organic black beans or 3 cups cooked black beans (drained and divided in half)

¼ cup red bell pepper

½ cup yellow onion

2 drops Cilantro essential oil

2 drops Basil essential oil

1 pastured egg

1 cup organic bread crumbs

Himalayan Pink Salt, to taste

Fresh ground black pepper, to taste

Olive oil-for cooking


1. Rinse and drain the beans.

2. Put ½ of the rinsed beans (1½ cups), yellow onion, garlic, red bell pepper, cilantro and basil essential oil, egg, breadcrumbs, and salt and pepper into a food processor or blender. Process until smooth.

3. Combine with the remaining black beans and stir. If the mixture is too sticky, add more breadcrumbs until it holds together.

4. Shape into 4 patties.

5. Heat skillet/grill on medium heat. Add enough olive oil to coat pan.

6. Cook for 6 minutes on each side. Be careful when you flip the burgers, as they are very delicate. Once done, enjoy with your favorite burger fixings.


Orange Peach Smoothie

Vegetarian, Gluten-Free

3 ripe peaches peeled and pitted

1 cup plain organic yogurt

1 tablespoon raw honey

4 ice cubes

1-2 drops Wild Orange Essential Oil


1. Mix all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!





There is an endless amount of recipes and amazing ways to use these gifts of the earth in our everyday lives. I use them to add extra flavor and provide health benefits to our bodies and souls.


You can visit EssentialOilExpert.com for free weekly training webinars and more information about how to use essential oils. Kierston and I work together and we both offer essential oils wellness consultations by request. Contact Shelley at aharmonyhealing@gmail.com for more information on how to have one.


Do you use essential oils? What are your favorites? Please contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment.


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  1. I have used essential oils but never for cooking so you’ve really peaked my curiosity with your recipes. Up to now I’ve enjoyed them for their soothing effect and well, just because I love the smell of some of our local (tropical) oils. I look forward to your future articles and learning more.
    marquita herald recently posted..The Rewards Are Priceless for Those Who Dare to PersevereMy Profile

  2. Hi Shelley.

    This is fantastic! I have been using essential oils for years. I make my own concoction to ward off wasps and yellow jacks…because I’m highly allergic. I ingest Oregano oil (just a drop in a glass of water) to ward off bacteria. Of course you will never catch me without my lavender oil for calmness.

    The only time I cooked with them is with organic lavender oil and lavender flowers to make scones…a big hit. Now I have more recipes to add to my list.

    Thanks so much!

    donna merrill recently posted..Is Your Blog A Graveyard?My Profile

  3. Hello Shelley! I use essential oils all the time I use Eucalyptus almost all winter long to ward off colds, nope we havent even had a sniffle in our home this winter It works.

    I also have been cooking with coconut oil since I learned about this here from you. Your friends story was very helpful I will keep this in mind next time someone tells me they have an ear ache. Awesome article, Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..5 Tips To Help You Build An Online Business Of Your DreamsMy Profile

  4. I had forgotten, that I had used them before. I just ran out of the one I was using. Then left the place where my supplier was locations. I have been out of reach. Now, I feel that one piece was the thing missing from my ability to feel balanced.

    I will be looking to get a fresh supply of the ones I use. Then, look into others, for more things are happening with health. Must be the location, weather and my lack of movement due to my broken leg. It will take 9 more months before total healing. I will be looking into some way to bring oils into my healing.

    Thank you so much for this article. I can not wait to get my supplies refreshed.
    William Amis recently posted..We Must Begin Somewhere!My Profile

  5. love using essential oils, my favorite is coconut oil which is very good for the skin … great post!

  6. Susan Randall says:

    Thanks for sharing really informative article Shelley, I bought some essential oils since I wanted my place to smell nice, without introducing toxins into my body. Since the different essential oils effected me differently, I started to look deeper into essential oils. I found this article as really great resource.

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