Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox Water

Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox Water

My delicious detox water recipe is infused with antioxidant-rich raspberries, lemon, dates and lemon essential oil. These powerful ingredients help supercharge your water with important nutrients so your body can flush out toxins, reduce chronic inflammation, reduce bloating, and help your digestive system function optimally.  Drinking plenty of  spring or purified water every day will also help you stay hydrated and energized especially when you combine it with healthy food choices and regular exercise.


I love creating different nutrient-rich waters with a variety of fresh fruits, essential oils, and fresh herbs to infuse wonderful flavor and great benefits into my water. These infused waters are a great replacement for health-depleting commercial beverages like sodas. I drink lemon water every morning and it really helps me start my day off right. 


I get quite a few emails asking what I drink on a daily basis so I decided to start sharing some of my favorite infused water recipes that I use every day to fight inflammation, support detoxification, stay energized, help support my digestive system, and maintain my optimal weight. I hope these recipes will help all of you feel wonderful!


My recipe for flat belly raspberry lemon detox water is great for helping remove bloating and hydrating your body. This detox water also helps your body flush out toxins quickly especially when you do it along with my radiance detox program.


I just recently started doing my new Radiance Holistic Detox Cleanse Program so I can get ready to enjoy the summer with lots of energy and vibrant health! I like doing a detox with every season to reboot my metabolism and help my body get rid of the toxins that we all deal with on a daily basis. Find out why doing a seasonal detox is so effective for helping you maintain vibrant health here.


My detox cleanse does not involve water fasting; only drinking juices, deprivation, or extreme detox diets that are too hard to follow or stick with. You will be enjoying delectable whole foods, infused waters, probiotic-rich tonics, smoothies, and juices like the recipes on my blog that are designed to help your body remove toxins, reduce chronic inflammation, rebuild your digestive system and help you lose weight effortlessly while you get radiant!


My new easy-to-follow wellness program includes over 70+ mouthwatering detox recipes, a step by step detox guide, daily suggested meals, shopping lists, my best emotional detox tips, supplements and personal care product recommendations, daily inspirational emails, and some amazing bonus gifts from my fabulous partners!


This program will help you get good fast results and maximum benefits in a short period of time. If you’re ready to jump start your health so you can feel amazing, try my new program. Click Here if you want to learn how to do the detox program with me!



Lemons are an alkaline fruit which combines beautifully with so many different foods. Lemons are a powerful detoxifier that is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, important nutrients that all work together to help the body reduce chronic inflammation, neutralize free radicals, and support the liver. Lemons are also an aid to relieve constipation and are a great fruit to include in any cleanse.


I used lemon essential oil in my infused water recipe. The brand I use comes from Italian lemons which have wonderful purity,  potency, and health benefits. This delightful lemon essential oil  is rich in antioxidants and great for detoxification. This versatile essential oil can be used aromatically, topically and internally. It is also considered a powerful cleanser and purifying agent that you can use to keep your home fresh and clean.


I like adding essential oils in my recipes because of the fantastic flavor, aroma, and extra benefits that they add to my recipes. The information for dietary use on the label of a essential oil bottle means that this lemon essential oil can be used internally as a dietary supplement. If you have a lemon essential oil that does not say safe for internal or dietary use please do not use it in this recipe! 


If you want to find out more about how to use essential oils in your life for wellness, feel free to email me with questions or to schedule a free essential oils phone consultation at aharmonyhealing@gmail.com.


If you want to try some of my other infused water recipes check out this delicious berry peach coconut water. (Click here for the recipe)


Have you ever made infused waters before? What are your favorite combinations? Please contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment.


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Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox Water

Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox Water

Raw Vegan, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free

Makes 64 ounces or 2 quarts


2 cups organic raspberries

8 cups (64 ounces) spring or filtered water

1 large organic lemon—cut into ½- inch slices

2 dried Medjool dates (optional but adds nice sweetness to the water)

1 drop lemon essential oil-optional 

1 gallon clean glass jar with lid (here’s a good option)


1. Place raspberries into the bottom of your jar. Add the dates if using then layer the lemon slices on top. Pour water into jar and place lid on top.

2. Place water into the refrigerator and let infuse for 1 hour. Remove the lemon slices and squeeze their juice into the infused raspberry lemon water. I like to remove the lemon slices after 1 hour so the water doesn’t get too bitter from the rinds.

3. Add the lemon essential oil drop into the jar. Stir the water with a spoon, cover with a lid and put water back into the refrigerator overnight for the best flavor.   You can leave the raspberries and dates in the infused water for up to 2 days before you need to strain them out of the water.  You can eat or compost the raspberries and dates rather than just throwing them away. Most of the flavor will be extracted from the raspberries but you can still add them into a smoothie with the dates and other fruits and veggies. Enjoy!

Note: I usually drink all or most of this water in one day so it never lasts  me for 2 days!

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  1. Shelley, this sounds yummy, much better than the lemon detox diet I’ve been on a few times. I got so tired of drinking it by the end of the week, and still dread the smell or taste of golden syrup, because that’s what it tasted like.
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..What Dogs Have to Do with BloggingMy Profile

  2. I agree with Julieanne, this sounds so much better than what I’ve tried in the past. I’m in the early stages of a new health regime so I’m definitely going to give this a try – it even looks pretty! Thanks for the great recipe and inspiration!
    marquita herald recently posted..The Reality Behind the Art of ProcrastinationMy Profile

  3. I drink water with lemon and berries regularly. I love it. I’ve never added dates and I’ve never tried essential oils . . . but I love infusing my water with fruit.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted..Are You Tired of the Word Authenticity?My Profile

  4. Hi Shelley,

    This title grabbed my attention! I frequently drink water with lemon, but adding berries….woo hoo! Now that berries are bountiful this is sure going to be great. Just have to get the oil.

    Your detox book sounds great! I forgot to tell you that a few weeks back I purchased your book Deliciously Holistic and find it so great. I did write a review on Amazon for ya. Now…another I need to get.

    Thanks so much Shelley!

    donna merrill recently posted..4 Essential Steps Of Affiliate BloggingMy Profile

    • Donna, Thanks so much all your support by purchasing my cookbook and leaving such a fantastic review of it! I am really grateful to have you as a part of my online holistic community and your lovely comments and shares of my recipes and health articles on my site means the world to me! Helping wonderful people like you maintain vibrant health is one of the biggest reasons why I started my blog, wrote my cookbook, and created my detox program! Love and light to you!
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..Flat Belly Raspberry Lemon Detox WaterMy Profile

  5. Shelley, Love this recipe, simple but elegant. Reading the comments above I will have to check out your cookbook for more 🙂 Thanks for sharing this and keep up the excellent work!
    The Food Curator recently posted..Walkers new Market Deli crisps!My Profile

  6. This sounds so delicious and refreshing as a summer drink…. can imagine some people adding a Pimms or two to it as well 😉
    Sarupa Shah recently posted..How to make it SO in your own business! [video]My Profile

  7. Shelley,

    Your cookbook sounds very interesting. I like this particular recipe as well. This is a very nice refreshing drink. I personally will use this recipe. Thanks for sharing.
    Nathaniel Kidd recently posted..Things You Should Never Pay For With a Credit CardMy Profile

  8. Hi Shelly,

    Thanks so much for sharing this. As a student and close to full-time worker on everything I do, and with getting back in running shape back on topic, as well as toning down on caffeine, this post is exactly what I need. I look forward to getting a few more tips here and there, in order to give myself an opportunity to be more productive.
    Amiti recently posted..6 Simple Tips to Increase Visit DurationMy Profile

  9. I use lemon in my drinking water, but have not used the berries . Thanks for sharing this detox recipe, sounds useful for our health.
    Siphosith recently posted..Using WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast Doesn’t Have To Be HardMy Profile

  10. I just found this recipe looking for a way to flavor my water so I would be more willing to drink more!!! Trying it today for the first time!!

    I did add the dates but I am super picky – is there another narural way to sweeten it a bit??

  11. I came across this recipe looking for a tummy flattening water / detox is this the best of your waters for this purpose? I am bloated and uncomfortable all the time just came from the store with all the ingredients and anxious to try it do I have to let it infuse overnight to start drinking it to get best results? Also I am allergic to coffee and have turn to energy drinks in the morning to wake me up I don’t want to continue to do this do you have another option that truly works

    • Jeanne, I do like drinking this water to help keep my body hydrated and to help with bloating. I would at least infuse it for several hours before drinking. I drink herbal coffee with coconut oil and butter added or teas and smoothies in the morning to give me a boost of energy. I also start the day with lemon water before I drink my smoothies or herbal coffee latte or teas. I do hope you stop drinking energy drinks and try some of my smoothie recipes on this site or my recipe for cinnamon coffee latte made with herbal dandelion coffee if you are not allergic to the ingredients. If you are having bloating all the time you need to address the issues with your digestive system and also visit a doctor to make sure there is no serious underlying health issue causing this problem. Feel free to contact me by email for help with improving your digestive system.
      Shelley Alexander recently posted..The Blissful Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep and How You Can Achieve ThemMy Profile

  12. Since its too hot in India, watermelon and lemon infused water is working wonders. Both for keeping us cool and health benefits

  13. Shelley I am only know the one Lemon detox water and I drink it daily. But after read your post raspberry+lemon detox water it sounds yummy. I am include your recipes on my next detox water and tell you how’s my experience.

  14. I heard drinking lemon water is real acidity

    • Nadira, drinking lemon water is very good. Lemons do have acidity but they have a alkaline effect on the body. I do recommend that if you want to drink lemon water daily use a straw to protect your teeth enamel and also rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking.

  15. I tried these detox drinks and works perfectly. It helps me to feel better and looks better. I also recommend everyone to try these recipes at least one time.

    Thanks for sharing these recipes.

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