Orange Coconut Yogurt

Orange Coconut Yogurt

Do you adore yogurt but can’t or don’t eat dairy? I have the perfect solution for you! My orange coconut yogurt is an excellent yogurt replacement and it’s so creamy and delicious! I have loved yogurt since I was a child and have been eating it for many years. I decided to create this dairy-free recipe for anyone who wants a replacement for tradition animal milk yogurts.


Fermenting coconut meat or coconut milk with probiotics creates a super healthy, nutrient-dense yogurt recipe that you can feel good about eating! Homemade coconut yogurt is wonderful to enjoy for a quick breakfast or nourishing snack.


My orange coconut yogurt is one of my favorite recipes from my holistic cookbook Deliciously Holistic.  If you like the whole foods recipes and healthy lifestyle tips I give on my blog, you have to get the book. My holistic cookbook takes all the guesswork out of getting healthy with 154 delicious, whole foods recipes and over 50 pages of useful holistic lifestyle tips to help increase your energy and immunity.


My recipe is made with fresh young Thai coconut meat and orange juice and it’s really easy to make. Soft coconut meat, which has a white outer shell, can be found at most natural foods stores and ethic grocery stores. If you don’t want to crack open the coconuts, have the store where you purchase the coconuts open them for you. Drain off the coconut water and reserve to use in smoothies or drink as is for a refreshing beverage.


How to Open Young Coconuts


  • Place one of your coconuts on a towel and turn on its side so that the pointed end faces your knife hand. Use the knife to saw the pointed top down until you see the light brown inner husk.


  • Set the coconut up on its flat bottom and use the edge of the knife to poke an opening in the brown husk. Cut open a hole and pour water into a clean glass jar with a lid and store covered in the refrigerator. Scoop out the white meat with the back of a large spoon and use in this recipe.


Here are two good videos to show you how to open a coconut. The first video uses a large butter knife to open the coconut. The second video uses a cleaver to open the coconut.  See which method you prefer when you click on the video links.


To remove the coconut meat you need to use a spoon or small spatula to scrape the white meat from inside the shell. Make sure to remove any brown shell from the coconut meat before you make the yogurt. If the flesh inside the coconut is pink or purple, discard the coconut. If you can’t find young coconuts in your area you can use organic coconut milk in BPA-free cans instead.



Coconut is one amazing superfood! Coconut has so many health benefits for the body and one of the most important health benefits is that it contains lauric and capric acid which are important medium chain fatty acids. These medium chain fatty acids have potent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties which will protect your body and keep your immune system healthy. Medium chain fatty acids are also used by the body for energy rather than being stored as fat.


I eat coconut all the time and use it in quite a few of my recipes. I adore coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut cream, dried coconut flakes, and raw coconut meat.


Some of my favorite coconut recipes on my site include:


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Once you start making my orange coconut yogurt, you will want to make it all the time! You can eat it plain, add fresh or dried fruit, nuts or seeds, put it in a smoothie, or add more orange juice and use as a dressing on top of salads.


I hope you enjoy my coconut yogurt and make it soon! What is your favorite way to eat yogurt? Please contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment.


If you enjoyed this recipe, check out my holistic cookbook that’s packed with 154 tasty whole foods recipes and 50 pages of healthy living tips! Deliciously Holistic is for sale as a eBook for only $15.00 or as a print book on Amazon! Find out more about the cookbook or get the eBook by clicking here.


Important Note

If you are eating really healthy foods but still having issues with your health and chronic inflammation, you need to find out if you have sensitivities or intolerances to the foods you’re eating. The foods which we put into our body on a daily basis can either help protect against sickness, inflammation, and aging or increase it.


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Orange Coconut Yogurt #superfoods 


Orange Coconut Yogurt

Vegan, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

Yields around 4 cups

4 cups young coconut meat (around 4–6 coconuts) or 4 cups organic coconut milk (Try this brand of organic coconut milk)

2 teaspoons orange zest

2 tablespoons orange juice

Small pinch unrefined sea salt

Seeds from ½ of a vanilla bean or 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

½ teaspoon probiotic powder or dairy-free yogurt starter (Try this brand of probiotic capsules)

Coconut sugar, raw honey, or liquid stevia—to taste


1. Blend all ingredients except sweetener in a blender until smooth and creamy.

2. Pour yogurt into a 1-quart sterilized glass jar and cover with lid. Let the coconut yogurt ferment at 105 ˚ F for 8 hours or overnight.

3. After the yogurt is done fermenting, stir in sweetener of choice.  Refrigerate the yogurt for at least 4 hours and then check the consistency. If you like your yogurt thicker, you can stir in 2 teaspoons of coconut flour to the fermented yogurt and then place back in the refrigerator. This addition will help the yogurt thicken up.

4. Store the fermented yogurt covered in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.



I use my dehydrator for fermenting the yogurt. You can also use a yogurt maker. If you want to use your oven just place the yogurt jar inside the oven with the door closed and the oven light on. If using the oven you can leave the yogurt to ferment for up to 24 hours. Once the yogurt is fermented, add coconut sugar, raw honey, or stevia to taste.



Adding the probiotics will provide your coconut yogurt with beneficial microorganisms. If you have probiotic capsules open them and pour the contents into a ½ teaspoon measuring spoon to get the ½ teaspoon of powder. I used this brand of probiotic capsules in my recipe. You can also use a liquid probiotic or coconut kefir.


Deliciously Holistic Cookbook

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  1. Hey stranger! Seems like forever since I’ve dropped in on you here Shelley but your latest masterpiece reminds me of why I need to correct that oversight. It never ceases to amaze me all of the delectable and healthy recipes you come up with. This one is definitely a winner and I can hardly wait to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!
    marquita herald recently posted..Detachment is the Key to Achieving Emotional BalanceMy Profile

  2. Pink coconuts are fine. Why would you discard?

  3. Hi Shelley,
    this is awesome!
    I love the way you even included how to open young coconuts!

    From the book ‘Coconut Cures’ by Dr. Bruce Fife I am learning a lot about how coconuts have been and still are used traditionally. The young coconuts are used for the first food for babies.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe!
    Love and Light
    from a ‘coconut nutter’
    Yorinda Wanner recently posted..Appreciation for Matt Mullenweg and WordPressMy Profile

  4. Hi Shelley,

    Another top notch recipe to keep us all healthy! I’ve been paying attention to the many cures of coconuts, especially coconut oil. I’ve been trying to put more in my diet for these benefits, but my problem was opening the coconut.

    I thought I would have to go outside and open it with a machete lol. Thanks for including that in this post.

    Life is grand!

    donna merrill recently posted..Getting My Product LiveMy Profile

  5. Looks and sounds delicious!! I’m not sure how long a coconut hunt i’ll have to go on way up north here but I love yogurt.. and this one sounds even better!! Always love your recipe shares, Shelley!
    Holly recently posted..So How’d I Get Like This?My Profile

  6. Hi Shelley! I absolutely loved this recipe! Here is what is did : I used orang juice concentrate (no additives) instead of juice, 1 1/2 cans full fat coconut milk, stevia to taste, and I bloomed 1 tablespoon gelatin in 1/4 cup water. Through all that in the bender with the probiotics… the yogurt maker, and voila! Give a good shake, and let it firm up in the fridge overnight. The store bought coconut milk yogurts couldn’t hold a candle to this! Incidentally, I tried two jars sans gelatin, and it was a delicious coconut milk kefir!

  7. donna baek says:

    dear shelley,

    i’m new to your blog but have already forwarded it my loved’s excellent. i read about another cookbook you recommended by jenny ? about healthy dessert i think it was. anyway, can you give me the info to find her book? yours is on my mother’s day wishlist, hahahaha. thanks again, donna baek

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