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Welcome! How awesome would it be to live the life you truly deserve feeling energized, balanced and absolutely fabulous? I help very busy woman and men, just like you, who are struggling with exhaustion, overwhelm and confusion because they don’t know how to eat for abundant energy, how to keep their gut healthy, how to manage stress, or how to improve their health to thrive and not just survive.

If this sounds like you I can help! I can show you how to eat the most amazing real foods, how to easily shop at the grocery store, how to prepare simple, delicious meals quickly, and what you need to do to make better lifestyle choices that will nourish your body, mind and soul completely.

I can help you end your constant struggle with doing quick fixes, extreme diets, obsessive calorie counting and still not getting the results you want. Living your life that way is too exhausting, not sustainable and just not fun.

I’m here to show you how to have the abundant energy and radiant health you need to crush life, play hard, and feel amazing while you do it!

I specialize in helping my clients:

  • Eat clean for improved health and energy
  • Get rid of chronic inflammation
  • Improve gut and immune system health
  • Address hormone imbalances
  • Test for and eliminate food and chemical sensitivities
  • Test for and improve micronutrient deficiencies
  • Learn holistic self-care tips
  • Lose stubborn extra weight
  • Create balance between personal and work life


Before we positively change your life, you need to understand that getting healthy and feeling energized, balanced and happy is not just about eating clean foods and staying physically fit.

It’s Much More Than That!
It’s about changing the way you think about your life so you feel supported, loved and fulfilled. You need to know how to get deeply nourished to stay healthy, how to renew your mind and body daily to stay balanced, and how to transform your mindset so you can live inspired and happy.

I’m passionate about helping busy women and men like you who are overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted to learn the best way to take care of your health and wellness.

My personal belief system is NourishRenewLive
This belief system has transformed my life and the lives of my clients too. #nourishrenewlive
is all about this daily practice:
Your body and mind with satisfying, delicious, healthy real foods, pure essential oils, and energizing movement.
Your mind and soul with self love, daily gratitude, forgiveness and positive thinking.
A healthy, abundant, joyful, inspired life.

holistic chef shelley
I’m Shelley Alexander a holistic chef, cookbook author, food and healthy lifestyle coach, certified healing foods specialist, and essential oils educator who adores eating and cooking with whole foods, using essential oils, and living a healthy, inspired lifestyle!

For years I suffered with daily indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, food sensitivities, anxiety attacks, eczema, and adrenal dysfunction as a result of my diet and life choices.

I finally said enough and decided to take charge of my own health. I spent years learning the most effective natural solutions and whole foods to eat to get healthy, fuel my busy lifestyle, renew my mind and help me fantastic! Now I want to be your guide and coach so I can save you the time, stress, pain, frustration, and confusion I went through by sharing what I have learned so you can feel better.

I’m passionate about helping empower you to feel amazing in the easiest way possible without having to spend hours searching online or in books, going from one coach to another or trying to do it all yourself. Doing this can be really expensive, frustrating, difficult, exhausting, and confusing especially with all the conflicting dietary advice on what to eat and do for vibrant health.

As a busy chef and entrepreneur who works many hours, I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to manage an active lifestyle and stay healthy. You are not alone! I will be your personal holistic chef and healthy lifestyle coach who will teach exactly what to do so you can feel wonderful!

My experience as a holistic chef means I create recipes which nourish the whole body, mind and soul. All of my recipes are delicious, easy to make, deeply satisfying and provide maximum nutritional benefits. I will teach you what to eat, how to shop, and how to cook so you can feel confident and relaxed in the kitchen!

As a healthy lifestyle coach I dig deep into your self-care, current mindset, sleep habits, stress levels and lifestyle to see exactly what you need to get results and live a healthier life!

I have simple proven solutions and easy-to-do food and holistic lifestyle coaching programs that get results. I also offer essential oils and healthy lifestyle suggestions with great tips to help you sleep better, manage stress, lose weight, boost your energy, and support your digestive system so you can feel alive again!

My integrative and customized approach to eating for wellness and living a healthy life involves looking at your unique dietary needs and current lifestyle to help you get great results that can last a lifetime! I can provide the insights you need to be successful without having to take the time to figure it all out yourself.

Here's What We Offer

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